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Question Can blend tree ignore root motion and only blend pose transform?

Discussion in 'Animation' started by bitinn, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. bitinn


    Aug 20, 2016
    OK, here is a very specific question that has troubled us for a long time, I would love to hear from Unity team on how to handle it.


    - We found that, if we don't specify the "Root Motion Node" manually (or if our animation doesn't have a good candidate for Root Motion Node), the Blend Tree calculation is affected by root motion, as if somehow body transform is no longer static.

    - We observe this problem with a 2D blending (with Simple/Freeform Directional/Freeform Cartesian), in a simple 4 way movement blending scenario, if we don't set Root Motion Node (eg. set it to <None>), the blending will shift character pivot as if root motions are also being lerp. (This is observable as long as we are not at the initial frame).

    - If we bake root motion to pose (no root motion), or If we set "Root Motion Node", then the issue goes away. See video comparison below:


    - Does it basically mean, even if Humanoid avatar doesn't really have a "Root" bone requirement, we still need a root motion node just to make blending tree happy?

    - Is there any workaround for this? (aka "Can blend tree ignore root motion and only blend pose transform?")

    Thx a lot!
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