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Can anyone send me their sources of learning?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by DocUmut, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. DocUmut


    Jul 25, 2020
    Hello Unity Community!

    There is a couple of things to say beforehand:
    1. I am an absolute beginner in Game Development, i have never really worked with Unity, never modeled anything and the biggest project i did was in Java a card game.
    2. I am more than aware of me having to put countless hours into learning. And i am also willing to, i am not looking for a quick guide to success in Game-Developement.
    3. I have way too much free time lately and i can atleast put 6-10 hours daily into learning and i am already planning that i need about 3-5 years for my big project.
    4. My big project shall be a Multiplayer Strategy Game. I am far from that, but this is my motivation of why i wanted to start this journey. I know that there is alot of stuff to learn like Security, Networking, Game design etc.
    And (4) is where you would come in. Can you guys share me everything you used to learn Unity and all its Contents. Which sources got you where you are right now, what can you suggest and what habits should i work on getting or avoid on getting.

    The question might seem a bit random, but i am basically asking for something like this (which i found on another thread) / Since i am new here, i do not know how to quote properly, so forgive me this wall of text incoming:

    "Now, if one really wants to learn how to create a multiplayer game . I'll give you an exactly step by step to get you on your way, it is actually very easy, once you know the basics and experience in the industry of game developing.
    the only challenge is the undertaking time it takes to build a game, it is very time consuming, same applies for software developers, tackling the bugs is very tedious job, so you need a lot of time and patience.

    So, I assume you are new to unity due of your very first post, and your question, so first is first:

    step 1: Learn how to use a third party modeling program so you can create your own 3D assets. ie: 3dsmax, modo etc....

    step 2: Learn how to create 2d textures for your game assets and props , photoshop, gimp etc....

    step 3: Learn how to use unity engine, all inside and out features, since this will be your most important tool, master it.

    step 4: Learn a scripting language, unity provides 3 options, boo, c# and unity script, i recommend you to start with unity script. and master it.

    step 5: Learn the basics of game networking, Do a search for Gamer to game developer GTGD in this forum, awesome networking tutorial series. around 40 videos of an average of 1 hour length each one of them with pure advanced unity networking material, but you need to learn all previous stuff in order to understand this tutorials.

    step 6: then choose a networking engine to use for making your game multiplayer, there are several option and each one in different scripting language:
    photon, ulink, smartfoxserver, tnet, electroserver etc......

    step 7: once you choose a networking engine, then master it and learn the scripting language it uses to communicate with unity. master it.

    step 8: and a lot and lot of time and discipline to start building you game.

    each step will take you around 3 to 5 months to master, so if you care to learn and really dive into game developing for multiplayer games, then the first 35 to 40 months (3 to 4 years) will be all pure learning before you can actually start creating your own game

    I am basically looking for something like this as an answer, but with actual sources like youtube tutorials, etc.

    I thank you guys in advance.
  2. Ryiah


    Oct 11, 2012
    I'm going to preface this by saying that I was already knowledgeable with game engines and their editors before I came to Unity and that this tutorial series was chosen because it was (a) from a reputable company that is now defunct due to the death of its owner, and (b) focuses solely on the editor as I already understood C#.

    I learned everything else including scripting through the official manual and scripting reference.

    Beyond that you simply need to make games starting with simple one-mechanic games like you would see from the golden age of arcade games slowly working your way up to more complex games like you would see today.

    Concerning this example, I highly recommend you don't try to become competent with every aspect of game development but rather try each one, discover the one that you enjoy, and focus on that while largely ignoring the rest of them. Very few people are truly capable of handling every aspect to the degree necessary to create good games. You'll either end up with very good looking but mechanically simple games or complex games with very simple artwork.

    Just as an example I have a passing understanding of how to work with 3d modelling and 2d texturing programs but I'm solely focused on programming and would never rely on my own skills for art unless I were making a game with solid colored primitives (cubes, spheres, etc).
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2020
  3. DocUmut


    Jul 25, 2020
    Hello, thanks first of all for replying :)
    I am going to use your sources alot and i keep on practicing every day alot.
    My passion for Game Dev. just ignited like crazy a couple of days ago, when i had this idea of a game i want to create.
    Now my plan is, to atleast reach an above average degree on all the aspects of game developement and skills. This is what i want to specialize in and why not learn everything a bit.

    I wont go for mastering every single aspect but start of with my own creations in every aspect until i can create stuff that i can atleast rely on. After that, i might update my games by outsourcing stuff like design to others, who can do it better than i can :D

    Following your advice, i will always start with simple games just to improve again and again, maybe even raising the bar for each next game in complexity.
  4. Joe-Censored


    Mar 26, 2013
    One issue with your question is people who are ready to take on a big multiplayer project don't use tutorials. They probably haven't walked through a tutorial in years, because tutorials are generally geared towards beginners and a big multiplayer project is not a beginner endeavor.

    I'm working on a big multiplayer project, and the last time I went through a Unity tutorial was probably around 2013
    If you try to master everything you work on, you will take forever to get things done. Working on your own on a giant project will require you to do a whole lot of "good enough" solutions to problems. It will be more important to get something working good enough and move on to the next thing, then to spend 10+ times the effort to make each detail perfect. When pro studios make these kinds of projects, they generally have fairly large teams, but you're on your own. So the only way you get it done is by accepting you'll need to move much faster through it.

    Good luck
  5. DocUmut


    Jul 25, 2020
    I do understand your point. But as i mentioned before, i do not plan on mastering everything. In most of the steps, I am focussing on getting atleast average or slightly above average, so that i can atleast rely on my own creations a bit and not have to buy assets from everywhere. I do not want to be a full on 3D Designer that can do perfect Polygon models or anything, just want to be able to create humanoid characters and stuff.

    I will not spend 10+ times the effort to get every detail perfect, cause i am by no means a perfectionist. I just want to learn, learn and learn and slowly get better! :D And i feel like you missed the one point of this post, which is that i do not look for people to send me tutorials over my multiplayer project that i want to focus on later - once i have learned everything i need to.

    What i am looking for is basic Unity tutorials that helped you guys learn stuff every now and then, simple games etc.
    The big project will come along the way, once i am more in the whole game dev scene. But to get into it, i kind of need more tutorials, more sources, maybe even a couple of Books. And thats what i am asking for here. If you have had anything, whatever it is, that helped you to get better in what you are doing here, i am sincerely very grateful if you could share it with me, so that i can improve more and more.

    Thanks for replying and taking your time for my post.