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Question Can anyone please suggest step-by-step guide re decoding Android stack traces.

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by dwilden, May 8, 2023.

  1. dwilden


    Mar 29, 2021

    I'd be very grateful for some steers on how to start understanding and decoding Stack Traces that I can see for crashes of my Android game on Play Console.

    I'm an amateur game developer with an Android card/board game (com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree) which is currently installed on about 12,000 devices and (judging by the number of ad impressions) is played several thousand times per day, on average. The average crash rate is 0.16% which is low compared with the Peer metric but nonetheless equates to 1 or 2 crashes per day on average across all users. I've never seen a crash myself when running the release version of the game in the Unity Editor or on any of my own Android devices.

    It was developed using Unity Editor version 2021.3.10f1 and uses Unity Ads and Google Admob to display ads.

    I've attached a screen shot showing the types of crashes seen in the last 28 days. There seems to be a variety of different crashes. However one type stands out as occurring more frequently - this is the [] SIGSEGV errors at the top. I've posted a couple of stack traces at the end of this post, but they all seem to be slightly different.

    Can anyone recommend any link on the web or YouTube that takes a complete "stack trace novice" through the process of configuring Unity to provide more useful trace information information and then loading and configuring tools to help decode the stack trace. I've looked in the Unity documentation but it seems to assume greater knowledge than I have.



    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
    pid: 0, tid: 21127 >>> com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree <<<

    #00 pc 0x000000000081e500 /vendor/lib64/egl/mt6893/
    #01 pc 0x00000000007f72c4 /vendor/lib64/egl/mt6893/
    #02 pc 0x00000000006b5750 /vendor/lib64/egl/mt6893/
    #03 pc 0x00000000005e1530 /data/app/~~W4g6Qh2GAPlvMDLs5cU_CA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-y7l_Iv9HP4JTIPrMlqzcOQ==/lib/arm64/
    #04 pc 0x00000000005e0b08 /data/app/~~W4g6Qh2GAPlvMDLs5cU_CA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-y7l_Iv9HP4JTIPrMlqzcOQ==/lib/arm64/
    #05 pc 0x00000000005df1d0 /data/app/~~W4g6Qh2GAPlvMDLs5cU_CA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-y7l_Iv9HP4JTIPrMlqzcOQ==/lib/arm64/
    #06 pc 0x00000000005b853c /data/app/~~W4g6Qh2GAPlvMDLs5cU_CA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-y7l_Iv9HP4JTIPrMlqzcOQ==/lib/arm64/
    #07 pc 0x000000000030da50 /data/app/~~W4g6Qh2GAPlvMDLs5cU_CA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-y7l_Iv9HP4JTIPrMlqzcOQ==/lib/arm64/
    #08 pc 0x0000000000310284 /data/app/~~W4g6Qh2GAPlvMDLs5cU_CA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-y7l_Iv9HP4JTIPrMlqzcOQ==/lib/arm64/
    #09 pc 0x0000000000461554 /apex/ (art_quick_generic_jni_trampoline+148)
    #10 pc 0x000000000020a2b0 /apex/ (nterp_helper+4016)
    #11 pc 0x0000000000209334 /apex/ (nterp_helper+52)
    #12 pc 0x0000000000baf834 /data/misc/apexdata/

    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
    pid: 0, tid: 10925 >>> com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree <<<

    #00 pc 0x0000000000839b60 /vendor/lib64/egl/
    #01 pc 0x0000000000838f54 /vendor/lib64/egl/
    #02 pc 0x00000000005e1d3c /data/app/~~gN5M1tDsRMGc9UtLtHfPIA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-fjUVH7bQeBQTcu6j_njlsw==/lib/arm64/
    #03 pc 0x00000000005e0b08 /data/app/~~gN5M1tDsRMGc9UtLtHfPIA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-fjUVH7bQeBQTcu6j_njlsw==/lib/arm64/
    #04 pc 0x00000000005df1d0 /data/app/~~gN5M1tDsRMGc9UtLtHfPIA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-fjUVH7bQeBQTcu6j_njlsw==/lib/arm64/
    #05 pc 0x00000000005b853c /data/app/~~gN5M1tDsRMGc9UtLtHfPIA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-fjUVH7bQeBQTcu6j_njlsw==/lib/arm64/
    #06 pc 0x000000000030da50 /data/app/~~gN5M1tDsRMGc9UtLtHfPIA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-fjUVH7bQeBQTcu6j_njlsw==/lib/arm64/
    #07 pc 0x0000000000310284 /data/app/~~gN5M1tDsRMGc9UtLtHfPIA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-fjUVH7bQeBQTcu6j_njlsw==/lib/arm64/
    #08 pc 0x0000000000029f04 /data/app/~~gN5M1tDsRMGc9UtLtHfPIA==/com.AngelsIncGames.CardSequenceFree-fjUVH7bQeBQTcu6j_njlsw==/oat/arm64/base.odex

    Attached Files:

  2. liortal


    Oct 17, 2012