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cache: The system cannot find the file specified."}

Discussion in 'Unity Accelerator' started by friuns3, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. friuns3


    Oct 30, 2009
    log flooded with those errors, i have 150 gb free disk space

    {"level":"error","ts":"2020-07-27T07:03:20.289+0300","msg":"osOpen error","agent_id":"DESKTOP-TF756HC_id","agent_name":"DESKTOP-TF756HC","component":"cache","subprocess_id":2,"path":"C:\\Users\\friuns\\AppData\\Local\\UnityAccelerator\\cache","error":"open C:\\Users\\friuns\\AppData\\Local\\UnityAccelerator\\cache: The system cannot find the file specified."}
    {"level":"error","ts":"2020-07-27T07:03:20.313+0300","msg":"not enough found to evict!","agent_id":"DESKTOP-TF756HC_id","agent_name":"DESKTOP-TF756HC","component":"cache","subprocess_id":2,"bytes evicted":24553556,"files evicted":9,"bytes left to evict":27855611410}
  2. gregoryh_unity


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 1, 2018
    The "bytes left to evict" of 27,855,611,410 indicates the issue, maybe. The default settings for eviction are to start evicting if free space drops below 5% or below 1,073,741,824 bytes and it will try to evict until 10% is free and at least 5,368,709,120 free.

    If you have 150GB free and it wants to evict another ~25GB and, if it's using the default settings, it wants to get to 10% free... 175GB is 10% of 1.7TB. I suppose if you have a 1.7TB drive and it dropped below 5% free, or ~88GB, that could trigger an eviction pass.

    So, if you have large drive that is also shared by other programs that can fill and empty the disk, it might be causing this odd behavior.

    I am just guessing based on the information I have though. But perhaps tweaking the settings you can get it to behave as desired. Here are the relevant config settings I can think of. You can see more with `unity-accelerator config help`

    Code (CSharp):
    1. CacheMinFreeBytes             int      The minimum number of bytes to try to
    2.                                        keep free. The cache will begin evicting
    3.                                        items if the free space drops below this
    4.                                        threshold.
    5. CacheMinFreePercent           int      The minimum percentage of free space to
    6.                                        try to uphold. The cache will begin
    7.                                        evicting items if the percentage of free
    8.                                        space drops below this threshold.
    9. CacheEvictUntilFreeBytes      int      Once an eviction pass begins, this value
    10.                                        will indicate when to stop evicting --
    11.                                        when the free bytes meets or exceeds
    12.                                        this value.
    13. CacheEvictUntilFreePercent    int      Once an eviction pass begins, this value
    14.                                        will indicate when to stop evicting --
    15.                                        when the percent of free space meets or
    16.                                        exceeds this value.
    17. CacheMaxUsedBytes             int      The maximum number of bytes the cache
    18.                                        should use. The cache will begin
    19.                                        evicting items if the space used by the
    20.                                        cache exceeds this threshold.
    21. CacheMaxUsedPercent           int      The maximum percentage of disk space the
    22.                                        cache should use. The cache will being
    23.                                        evicting items if the percentage of
    24.                                        space used by the cache exceeds this
    25.                                        threshold.
    26. CacheEvictUntilUsedBytes      int      Once an eviction pass begins, this value
    27.                                        will indicate when to stop evicting --
    28.                                        when the used bytes are less than or
    29.                                        equal to this value.
    30. CacheEvictUntilUsedPercent    int      Once an eviction pass begins, this value
    31.                                        will indicate when to stop evicting --
    32.                                        when the percentage of used space is
    33.                                        less than or equal to this value.