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C4D to FBX to Unity Issues

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by MSmit, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. MSmit


    Aug 10, 2016

    My colleague and I are trying to export a C4D model to Unity to be used for virtual reality. We have tried numerous file formats and problem solving techniques but every time we import the FBX file form C4D into Unity there are issues. Some of these issues include:

    1. Certain polygons do not even show up in the model at all
    2. Polygons become flipped or backwards
    3. Textures apply incorrectly or not at all
    4. (the most puzzling) Depending on which angle you are looking at something in the model you can either see it or not. For example, we have cabinets that are solid with a back on them and at one angle they appear to be see-through and at another angle they are normal.

    I know that there seems to be a CV-Smart-Exporter plug-in that is supposed to help with the C4D to Unity exportation process, but we do not have access to it.

    I have attached an image of an example of issue #2 - The desktops screens are being placed at the back of the computer.

    Any advice would be very helpful!

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  2. BIG-BUG


    Mar 29, 2009
    Which release of C4D do you use?
    Cinema 4D's native FBX export has been improved continually over the last years and should work well enough in most situations.

    However, there are always some restrictions and a number of details to pay attention to.
    Flipped polygons mean that your normals point in the wrong direction. With the Reverse Normals function in C4D affected polygons can be flipped manually. Enable Backface Culling in the C4D viewport options to spot / avoid flipped polygons.
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  3. mdotstrange


    Sep 23, 2013
    1- turn on backface culling in C4d and the polys will be invisible there as well- it is as stated in the previous post- the normals are probably reversed

    2- they were probably already flipped in C4d- with backface culling off you cannot tell in C4d- so best to keep it on for Unity work

    3- you need to UV map everything for Unity- you can't use cubic or any other projection modes- also C4d shaders are not supported in Unity- bake all shaders to textures for use in Unity

    4- take a look at the fbx file you imported in Unity and allow Unity to recalculate the normals and/or tangents- adjust the smooth angle slider and check the results- I find Unity's recalculated normals usually look better than the ones imported from C4d
  4. MSmit


    Aug 10, 2016
    Thank you for your help BIG-BUG and mdotstrange,

    I have R17 version of C4D. We are going to try all the advice you gave but I was curious whether the lighting and other texture work I have done already in unity will be lost if I re-import the model.

    Thanks again