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Building process freezes on compiling shader variants when connected to accelerator

Discussion in 'Unity Accelerator' started by alexvector, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. alexvector


    Oct 9, 2019
    The release notes for 2020.2.2f1 currently list this know issue:

    On our projet we get hit by this each time we have an important change that causes shaders to recompile.

    The build process will freeze and we have to start it over and over again until all shaders have been compiled and cached. Once the shaders are cached on the accelerator, every subsequent build process will run fine, even if the cache in the local Library folder is empty.

    Is there an ETA for a fix for this?
    Is there a workaround (apart of completely disabling the Accelerator) that we could apply in the mean time?

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  2. shipping-tomas


    Oct 14, 2020
    Try setting
    Code (CSharp):
    1. "CacheMaxPending": 1,
    in unity-accelerator.cfg as a temporary workaround