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Bug?: UVs rotate when scaled

Discussion in 'World Building' started by cooperjknapp, Oct 28, 2021.

  1. cooperjknapp


    Jun 28, 2019
    This may be due to my inexperience, but I've been encountering this really weird bug that makes it near impossible to do what I'm trying to do. For some reason, whenever I try to scale a UV in one direction using the SceneView handle tools, the UV magically rotates itself and changes its scaling as soon as I let go. This seems to happen when I am trying to scale / align my UV along an axis that isn't the world X/Y/Z axes.

    I have tried a few other ways to do this, each to no success. When I go to scale in the UV window using the "Tiling" settings, the UVs scale in really weird directions. Lastly, when I try to scale the UV itself in the visual part of the window, it looks like the UV starts doing backflips in 3d space instead of being scaled in the 2d space.

    Is this a bug? If not, what is the proper way to scale a rotated UV along its own local axes?
    I'm using Unity 2020.3.11f1, ProBuilder 4.5.2, and ProGrids 3.0.3-preview.6