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Bug Bug? Old input manager allows tap-to-click on Windows touchscreen. Using both old and new does not.

Discussion in 'Input System' started by SlimeProphet, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. SlimeProphet


    Sep 30, 2019
    When I set Project Settings -> Player -> "Active Input Handling" to "Input Manager (Old)" I can press Play in the editor and then tap the touchscreen on my Windows laptop to click within my game. However, when I set that value to "Both" (meaning Input Manager (Old) and Input System Package (New)), then the game no longer recognizes taps.

    Is this a bug? I still need to test this in a built version. I was intending to make my next game compatible with Windows touchscreen tablets/laptops, because I think that's an under-served market.

    I'm using 2019.4.3.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2020