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[Bug] Disabling the Inputfield whilst the caret is active causing artifacts

Discussion in 'Unity UI (uGUI) & TextMesh Pro' started by Anderz, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Anderz


    Dec 5, 2013
    Same issue as referenced here:

    1. Create an input field with blinking caret.
    2. Play the scene. Disable the input field whilst the caret is blinking. I've found that the quicker you do this the more reliably the bug triggers.
    3. Observe strange graphical artificats on the UI. These don't always show up straight away, and often last for a single frame, but are often very obvious. In some rarer instances, it can cause considerable slowdown due to the errors produced, but usually occurs without logged errors. If I catch the errors again, I'll share my error log.

    We're attempting workarounds, but because we're facing this issue via integration with a plugin (Dialogue System), we're reluctant to edit their code and would rather Unity just address this long-standing issue.

    I've attached an example of a typical graphical artifact.

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