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Discussion Broken and deformed avatar animations

Discussion in 'Animation' started by hyrvx22015, Jul 8, 2023.

  1. hyrvx22015


    Jul 4, 2023
    hello, I do play vrchat and I am working on an uprgraded and improved version for my avatar, I use vrm avatar. I am mostly trying to add animations and features to my new version of avatar I made, when I making animations (like standing, sitting, walking, proning), the animations looking very good at unity but when I am testing my avatar, the animations looks kinda different ingame, for examples: when I am standing, most of the time the legs, move away from their position that the supposed to be in, when I am trying to sit, after like 1-2 seconds, the torso moves backwards and curves and makes the sit pose look very bad, the same with proning. I think maybe is something to do with the collision with the floor and physical surfaces. I really tried everything I know to fix this, tried to change different settings, tried to manipulate the bones behavior, change the standing and sitting height a bit, but all was useless and didn't help and now I feel desprate, is there any fix for this ??, I would be very glad I someone can help me to solve this issue.