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Games Braves RPG for android

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by CharisVik, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 17 - Next update is the last


    About the game.Inspired from Pokemon,Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter for a unique experience.

    Collecting is fun : Braves Introduction

    • Characters are called Braves. The unique thing about them is how each brave is different from another. In a sense it's like pokemon but with random elements.
    • Each Brave have 1 passive of his title,Sorcerer title have different passives than Witch.
    • Each Brave have 1 element
    • Each Brave recruited after completing missions are random.So you can have a Paladin with "Healing Art" passive, "Fire" element and "Fire Pillar" element passive. While other Paladin can have "Resurrection" passive, "Fire" element and "Fire Shield" element passive. Or a different element.
    • Makes it fun to collect.
    • You can have up to 100 Braves in storage.

    Too many Passives
    • While they are called passives in a sense they are abilities or skills.
    • They are called passives because they are activated after a time without your input.
    • With all the title and element passives,the number can be from 70-100 passives.
    • Each passive has their own unique visual effect
    • Each passive is unique in their own way. Others dmg,others heal,others make enemies delay their attack,etc.
    • Each passive can be improved by spending gold.So if you have a Brave you like be sure to invest some gold to make his passives stronger.
    • While you have no control when the passives will cast,some passives will need a target after the cast so choose wisely who you will heal or damage.
    • Missions is an idea i took from Monster Hunter. You finish your group(3 Braves) and head for a mission.
    • You complete the mission,you get exp and rewards.You fail the mission you gain nothing.(At start i was thinking of punishment but i think wasting player time and gaining nothing is enough)
    Learn all about the Battles and mechanics
    • After you accept a mission,you fight bad meany monsters! :)
    • The game battle is turn base combat like old school Final Fantasy with real time mechanics.While you dont control when a Brave can attack or do a passive you can do tons of other things in between.You are the 4th person fighting that commands them.
    • The concept is to prepare before accepting a mission,in a sense like monster hunter.
    • Each Brave and each enemy have their own "Element" . If you prepare the right elements you can complete the mission faster and easier so it is good to Level up Braves from all elements. So if the mission has 3 "Fire" enemies be sure to make a group of 3 "Water" Braves.
    • Weaker elements receive x2(double) the dmg , Strong elements receive x0.5(half) the dmg
    • By tapping on a Brave you stop the flow of the battle
    • An arrow show the current target of that Brave
    • With this you can change a target. Why do this? Because you dont want a "Fire" element Brave attack a "Water" element enemy when there is a "Wind" element enemy near.
    • To change target you just tap to the enemy you want.
    • There is also a mass targeting. By tapping just on an enemy all you make that enemy all Brave target.
    • There are 3 buttons dedicated to Block
    • Each Brave has his/her own Block button
    • If you time correct the Block the Brave will receive half the damage but if you fail to do the Block then he will lose seconds from his turn(make him attack delayed)
    • Why have a punishment? Easy just so you don't spam it.
    • There are already 9 summons in the game.If you played Final Fantasy before you will know what summons are.Powerful entities that help you turn the tides of the battle.
    • There are countless items that can change your stats,elements.Store up to 100 items.
    • There is also a shop to buy Braves(not random but presets) and items.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  2. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Implemented 4 Paladin passives - numbers will probably chance on the final product

    -Some activate on the current target of the Auto Attack others need to target who will receive the buff or attack.

    1)For Honor : Increase health each turn by 1.5% if an ally is dead 5% and both allies dead 10%
    2)Resurrection : Revive an ally with 50% health, there is 30% chance of activation(Can target)
    3)Healing Art : Heals ally 20% health, 30% chance of activation(Can target)
    4)Protector : Gives an ally invisible shield with 30% chance of activation,prevents 1 dmg attack(Can target)

    Implemented 2 Witch passives

    1)Fear : 20% chance of activation,decrease the attack of all enemies. Last for 3 turns before can be activated again.
    2)Curse : Use a different stat(inflict),each time it is used it is increase in power and has 50% chance of activation.Same target as the Auto Attack.

    Alpha menu of braves,assign 3 braves. Stats is now the same for all classes except speed which will be changed when i will do the balance update.

    Showcase of the alpha battle mechanics, targeting and some passives(Paladin and Witch)


  3. DerrickMoore


    Feb 4, 2018
    looks nice, thanks for sharing

    it look pretty good for "programmer art"

    here is my hint for music... h

    it takes some searching for, but a lot of the music here is free to use commercialy, if you give the artists credit. Each album has some "licensing info" I emailed some Russin Black Metal musician guys and asked if I could include their stuff in my fangame... their music was 20 years old, and I think they are glad people wanna listen to it
    (I share too many tricks here)
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  4. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Thank you DerrickMoore for the kind words and the help,will check it for sure.
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  5. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018

    I struggle for 3 days trying to make the game fit in any landscape resolution,finally done at some extend and understood a lot about the UI design.

    Finished Element Icon art ( will change the art of few later on i don't like much) .
    Code for it also finished and easy to call method.

    Shows on the brave Menu and when battle


    Placeholder art for background,improved projectile auto attacks from Witch and Sorcerer(image show only sorcerer) and The first attack passive Fire Blast(fire element) for Sorcerer.

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  6. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    This update focused more on the UI improvements.

    braveMenu.PNG Menu.PNG stats.PNG

    Implemented the reward screen,Level up and save the progress.
    Adding items will be on later date

    I had to do 2 functions for this that somehow do the same thing. 1 for showing the visuals to the user and the skip button which skips the progress but still do fast calculation to assign the correct exp.

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  7. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Paladin animations are over,will polish over time

    new Light/dark icon
    darkIcon.png lightIcon.png

    I have learned lots of things and how to work with animations,will be easier to implement on new classes.

    Next to focus: Will focus on creating art/animations for the next 3 classes(witch,buffer and sorcerer) then will implement the first enemy art and animations.

    After i will implement the 4rth player the commander.(will start with 3 basic skills before moving to his menu that will add and change skills)
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  8. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Showcase of the game. Still in alpha stage.

    There is a bug i m trying to fix when a character flip wrong side so far.
    A lot of passives are not implemented thats why in the video i m trying to find braves with working passives.

    I have finished the 4 brave titles art and animations Paladin,Witch,Buffer and Sorcerer.(animations ->idle,running,attacking,casting and dead. Range titles like witch and sorcerer dont have running animations for obvious reasons)
    The blob is the first easy enemy.

    Last edited: Apr 1, 2018
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  9. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Big update

    1)Introducing the new Title - Sniper


    -Range,has great damage but low health. Medium turn speed(green bar),long passive turn speed(yellow bar).
    -Implemented idle,attack,passive and dead animations
    -2 title passives planned but not yet implemented (Camo and explosive) more details next update

    2)Implemented element passives: How it works?
    Each element now has 1 passive(more will be added) for now,if a brave fail to cast their title passive it will trigger the element passive.

    Element passives can still fail.
    Some element passives are Gust(wind) pushes enemy back for 5 sec, Light beam(Light) that hit your target and a random target and Flame Pillars(Fire) which is an area of damage hitting all enemies for minor damage.

    3)Added shadows.

    -Most are static
    -Animated shadows if there is heigh/size change

    4)Updated battle UI,now will only show the passives that you have to interact

    5)Improved background with animated props and clouds

    6)Fixed bugs
    -Collision bug that flip braves and enemies fixed
    -Resolution all working now

    Video showcase of the update(showing some new passives also)

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  10. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 0.3

    Introducing the summon system

    This was the idea i mention on my first post. It was suppose to be commander abilities and have up to 3.
    It is now up to 2 abilities and the abilities are summons with weak spammable abilities to long cooldown strong abilities.

    How it works.
    Assign the summons you want from the new commander menu.
    You cannot have the same summon 2 times.
    -in battle the summon will go on cooldown,the stronger the summon the longer will take to use it even for the first time.Some might have long cooldowns the first time but lower cooldowns after. It will depend on how strong the ability is.

    First summon:God of Fortune

    90% chance of bringing good luck,10% chance of make your luck 0.

    It will affect how much gold you can get based on the sum of luck of your 3 braves

    Improved interface in battle and menu
    Capturwe.PNG Captwequre.PNG

    fixed scrolling in menu
    improved scrolling in menu
    back button art
    remove team button art
    exit button art

    battle UI
    Turn timers are bigger and fill is reversed

    All brave passives implemented with their art
    paladin-4 / witch-2 / Sorcerer-2 / Buffer-2 / Sniper-2
  11. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 4 ,i m going to simple numbers instead of version.

    Implemented reward system

    Complete a mission .
    See what items you get - for now you get them all(will be based on % and luck on the final product)
    Items that you get are stored in the inventory menu
    By clicking on an item you want it will open the menu to assign them on the brave you want
    By clicking on the brave you use the item.

    I made 2 types of items,planned 4 but could think of more in the future.

    1)stats boost items
    Each brave has 2 stat boost slots now. Using a stat boost item will fill 1 slot,the item will be soulbound to the brave you use it on.(will be gone forever).

    2)element items
    As i said braves are assigned a random element and based on that element a random passive of that type.Now with this items you can change the element+element passive of the braves.

    For example you have a water - cure item,you use it on a Dark - Black Hole brave then the brave new element will be water with cure passive.

    Be careful when use them cause its you cannot undo it. In order to make it back to Dark - Black Hole you will need to find the item to do that.

    //planned but not yet implemented (i have the code ready just need few adjustments)
    3)Level items
    Increase brave level

    4)Clear stats boost slot items
    Will be 3 versions,clear 1st slot,clear 2nd slot and clear both slots.

    By clearing the slots,braves will lose their bonus stats but you can assign new stats boost items to them.

    Other updates

    Implemented mission menu
    Will be based on star difficulty,the more stars the harder the missions will be
    -added 1 more mission to the 1 star

    Remove button,now you can remove braves or items that you don't need. Removing makes you losing them forever.
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  12. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Question,will you guys be interested in a playable demo?

    I m gonna have to do 3 more updates for it if you guys are interested in trying it out. 1)Balance update+bug fixes,visual update+manual menu(tutorial and passive information) and 3)content update
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  13. RavenOfCode


    Apr 5, 2015
    I definitely think a tutorial would be needed before you post a playable demo as this game looks quite complicated. Maybe doing something like a youtube video of play through as it's a bit more accessible and helps show off the game pretty well too.

    Anyways it looks really cool, obviously the art is a bit rough, but the gameplay looks really solid! What are you using for making the art? It looks very MS Paint like?
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  14. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Ye art is still rough,i m planning on improving some parts,but its all i can do :D. i m getting better but still not an artist. I am using Gimp 2.

    I was planning to make an ingame manual for the demo. It will list all titles explanation,stats. and the basics of how the game works. It will need a little reading sadly which i know many won't like.

    For passives i m thinking tooltips will be better.

    For the release i was planning from the beginning to do like modern games do their tutorials. Pop up as you play step by step.
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  15. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Available Demo
    Download here the apk,in order to install you will have to change your settings to allow other apk except playstore:

    This was my biggest update so far. I will post here the changes for those that are interested in updates and on the Original Thread on top the Demo features.

    -Added tutorial thanks to RavenOfCode suggestion. The tutorial is mixed with the beginning story and it saved in steps,so if you close the game before you finish the tutorial do not worry as it will save your progress.
    -Added manual,displays title passives,element passive and everything from the tutorial.
    -Added Loading Screen.
    -Improved greatly the User Interface to almost every part of the game.More accessible and more fitting for touch screen.
    (this is the new main menu)

    (this is the new Brave Menu)

    -Improved Braves appearance and animations and new death animations.
    -added 5 more missions and 1 training mission for thee tutorial(it will guide you)
    -Huge balance update,from titles,to passives,to enemies,to rewards. Still game might be too hard and little grindy to level up cause the demo has low mission count.
    -New experience formula created by me,it will scale nicely for each level
    -Added 1 more new enemy and many variations
    -Added 2 more summons and changed the first summon ability and animation
    -Improved overall functionality.
    -8 music pieces from Free Music Archive. Even if it was CC0(public to use for commercial and not even credit) i couldnt not credit the authors for the amazing music they gave to the community.(also thanks to DerricMoore website suggestion)
    -Improved title and element passives visually.
    -new icon and splash game icon
    -Changed the background to simple texture as i feel with many effects on the screen having animated will just get in the way.
    -Added enemy death effect
    -Huge amount of bugs fixed

    I has been a long week and thank you with all my heart if you are gonna try the demo.
    You can send me any suggestion,bug/problems or just plain discussion you can reach me or feel free to reply here.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
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  16. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 6

    1)Introducing new Title Ninja(still work in progress)


    Fastest melee brave,medium health and dmg

    Has 2 passive abilities as the rest of the titles
    -Assassinations,makes her turn timer to 0 and can attack multiple times for 12 seconds
    -Shuriken,throw 10 shurikens randomly

    2)Implemented Shop


    I have new gold system that is saved safer and more secured.(hard for user to modify)

    you can buy braves and all kinds of battle items

    Already functional just need to add content(easy to do as i have everything setup)

    Video showcase ninja title

    My next update will be the final mechanic update which will add passive upgrades and after i can focus on balance once again,improve art/animations and adding more content. When i m done with all this the game will be ready to release after the Monetization process.(will be free to play with faster progress when u buy items/braves)
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  17. ElnuDev


    Sep 24, 2017
    Looks great! ;)
    When will it be released?
  18. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Thank you,i dont really have a date yet but i have the plans. When it gets near completion i will announce a date.
  19. ElnuDev


    Sep 24, 2017
    Ah, okay. It looks good so far!
  20. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Not much to showcase. I have been busy improving the visuals in the game and still lot of work left to do.I also found an artist to do the summons.

    -Improved every menu ui,included unique background particle animation for each.
    -improved battle ui
    -improved health bars
    -improved most passives visuals with nice particle effects
    -improved witch and sorcerer auto attack visuals

    (final design of the main menu,still need to finish 3 buttons summons,inventory and missions)

    Added passive progression system. Now passives can be upgraded until lv5.
    There are 4 passive progressions and all scale smoothly from the simple calculation i have on each
    -Damage Scale-> increase dmg each level
    -Healing Scale->increase healing each level
    -Activation Scale->increase the percentage chance a passive can be activated for each level
    -Time Scale-> increase or decrease in seconds for each level

    progression.PNG progression2.PNG

    Added more interaction in menus like braves,inventory and summon from their corresponding npcs for tips and warnings

    Finished all battle items for the shop,now you can buy all 4 types of battle items alongside braves.Which can be massive list for the shop.

    Fixed numerous of bugs and improved performance.
  21. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 7

    -Reworked Sorcerer and Witch

    -Added 3 new battle mechanics to make battles more fun and interactive

    1)Global targeting. You can now tap on an enemy to make all Braves focus it.

    2)Block (blue color). Tap and swipe left to activate Block. Half the damage taken for 1sec, but makes you 1 sec valnurable that can make you take double the damage if you miss the timing(still not implemented the punishment)

    3)Rage (red color). Tap and swipe right to activate Rage. Increase the damage brave deal x 2 but you also receive x2 damage.Last 5 sec(still not implemented the punishment.

    -Improved more visuals.
    -Added new passives.
    -Fixed Tutorial(still not include new mechanics). New pointer icon added with animations.
  22. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    I have been working on backgrounds and final design of the battles.I need your opinion on this.


    Does this looks better or worse? Should i keep backround simple or try to make them 3d looking like this?
    I also had to change the camera size to make braves and monster look smaller.

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  23. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 8

    I have changed the swipe mechanics from update 7. The reasons

    Targeting a brave and also do a swipe proved to be quite hard and frustrate thing to do.

    New swipe mechanic - strategic position
    You can swipe left or right to move braves forward and backward. This allow for fast strategies to maximize your damage and minimize your damage taken. In this game movement is a crucial aspect and by manually moving back braves when enemies attack allow them to cover more distance to hit you. Also move forward when you are ready to attack for faster hits as you cover less ground

    Block reworked
    I changed block from swipe to buttons,each brave now has his/her own block button.This make it easier to time them and a lot more fun experience

    New Maps
    I changed battlegrounds for a fake 3D with animations

    New UI
    Improved the battle UI

    I dont know yet hot to capture sound,but i implemented sounds for each brave attack.It makes the game more alive.Still early work will improve it in future updates

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed all swipe and targeting bug fixes

    Win/Lose fade screen animation
  24. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 8.5

    Added new Title "Barbarian",his passives will be traditional passives that affect his stats.So he will be strong stat wise but can only use element passives

    New stage added : Battleground.
    Spiked at middle dmg both braves and enemies.Range titles like sniper,witch,sorcerer have advantage on this stage

    New and clear pop up Text

    Fixed major bugged that took me days that braves and enemies go stuck on each other.At first i thought it was unity Colission fault(it wasn't).The solution was kinda simple and it is embarassing i didn't think of it quicker.I used OnCollisionStay to unstuck if it ever happens.

    Block finished with animation and weakness.If u mess it up u delay that brave Turn.

    I apologise about the video quality,i am still learning on how to record and video edit. It will improve over time.Also more exciting updates are comming as i have finished everything except 1 major bug.So new enemies,stages,titles,passives,more story and a new battle item that can rename your brave is in the works
  25. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 9

    new title - Dark Knight
    Has reverse stats from paladin class.
    Implemented 3 passives
    Reaper ray - deals dmg on a random target
    Dark Lighting - deals dark aoe damage
    Dk Slash - First time i implemented a unique animation for a passive,target enemy to do a slash attack that also bleed for extra damage

    Internal Fixes,this might not matter to others but it will improve the workflow of adding new passives,titles,enemies,stages.

    Added 2 new Light element passives
    -Holy Disks - First use of particle system collisions to damage enemies in contact
    -Holy ground - aoe heal 15% that can pass maximum health

    Healing numbers now show as green numbers
    Fixed the other major bug that was caused by swipe.It is now fixed and resolved.

    No other major bugs found.Next update will focus on new enemies + some story progress.
  26. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 10

    New Stage : Snow Mountain
    It deals dmg on a random time based on the temperature. Temperature increase or decrease. min -10 max -100
    It doesnt affect Fire,Water,Light element Braves.

    New Element passives.
    Fire - Comet : after 50 sec deal massive damage to all enemies
    Fire - Burning Flesh : Tap on a brave to make him burn. Enemies close to that Brave receive damage.
    Wind - Healing wind : Uses the particle collision to heal braves

    New enemy : Ribdit - has 3 variations. Normal element,Fire element and Water element . Will be the first enemy to do passives. (will implement later)
  27. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 11

    I focused hard to improve the UI. I wanted it to be consistent and at the same time different from one menu to another.

    Final design of my main menu.(summon button will be done last)

    This is the mission menu.That you choose the difficulty of the missions.

    For the rest i wanted to display more information but without making too complicate or messy.So i made a card layout system. They are all displayed as cards now.

    Brave Menu - (TEAM is the braves that you have on your team max-3) , it now display title,passives and levels. Now on the Status menu each brave has its own color.

    Item Menu - More clear each type and description of the items. Also added description after u press on the item so you always know what item you pressed.

    This is the missions. I also made them cards and they display the map you are gonna fight in.
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  28. salfingerandrew


    Apr 30, 2016
    Hello, love the idea and style of your game!! great job and can't wait to see more.
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  29. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 12

    Added Sort methods for Brave Menu,Inventory and Brave Assign Item Menus.

    Added passives to enemies.Enemies that have passives will have a yellow bar under their health.

    Change Summon Menu to cards like the other menus
    Change battle UI block and summon buttons to cards

    New map : Heavenly Bridge

    New enemies : Dimension Troopers
    Soldier Male ->Has flame pillar passive.(blue color)
    Soldier Female -> Has Healing art that restore health to a random enemy

    New Boss Carla
    Has aoe Auto Attack unblockable and both passives of soldier male and female.
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  30. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 13


    New stage : Speed Tower
    It has phases that change randomly, each phase either make movement speed faster/slower for both braves and enemies based on the arrow direction.

    New enemy - Monoclodo
    new enemy.PNG

    Range enemy that can change elements.

    Finished 1 star mission story part

    You can unlock 2 star missions now after you complete the 1 star Boss mission.They have red color and they trigger story parts.

    Make over for Reward screen,items you get,all missions menu to match the visual representation of the new card UI theme.


    • Each mission now is packed with a map prefab,ui prefab and enemy prefab. I can do missions in 2 seconds now.
    • Each map has its own music now instead of missions
    • Fade screen made to UI prefab
    • All 1 star missions finished with balanced exp/gold/rewards
    • Remove button now for Braves and Items has a warning message box


    • Enemy passive timers now are paused when game is paused
    • Assigning element passive items on the inventory menu now display the correct new element passive
    • Upgrade passive on the brave menu now display the Lv also in the card
    • Nasty bug that made passive targeting system with the normal targeting system fixed
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  31. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 14


    • New Mission Types:
    Normal - Defeat all enemies
    Survival - Defeat all enemies or survive until timer is 0
    Rush - Defeat all enemies before timer reach 0
    Waves - Defeat enemies in waves. Each wave can bring max 3 enemies for balance purposes and can be up to any number of waves based on the mission. Some mission include random waves which the number will be different each time making it harder or easier.

    • New stage
    Time Room: change how the game flow is. Some mission could be very fast others too slow

    • New enemies
    Kakakowe - bird type,fast movement
    Okiboro - the only enemy that can move before attacking

    • New bosses : DKOmega and Epsilon
    Each with their own passives and tricks

    • Story progress up until star 4 missions.Draft story finished.

    • Swipe new methods / now distance + new effects for more strategies
    default stance - original position -> regenerate slowly hp
    aggressive stance - swipe right to be closer to enemies -> increase the auto attack timer but decreasing passive timer

    • 18 new missions added


    • Reworked snow map
    • Finished summon menu button
    • Reworked all 3 summons visuals and animations
    • New target icons when passives activated so you know where to touch(blue for braves,red for enemies)
    • Reworked battle passive text to match rest of the game text
    • Global target arrow reworked
    • Summon cd changed to make the game more fun,now instead of going full cd when fight start all will have 2 sec cd.(when you use they go to their original cd)
    • When you defeat bosses you make get them as summons. (7 bosses and 7 summons+3 default summons for complete game)


    • Fixed visual bug on the summon menu
    • Fixed inventory button and dropdown wrong placements and screen sizes

    Some random pictures

    Capture.PNG Capture1.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG
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  32. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    I m at 80% finished. I will stop posting updates of the game from now on.

    The reason behind this change was to not spoil everything for those interested in it. Instead i will update it with 1-3 random images showing new stuff until the game is released(hopefully at the start of July if everything goes well)

    This is my first game and was bigger than i anticipated,still was a fun road. I have learned many new things not only from a programming perspective but on a the whole concept of game development.

    Thank you all for the support! Any questions you want to ask feel free,i will be more active here to answer now that the updates are finished.

    Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG
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  33. eaque


    Aug 20, 2014
    Great Work man! and almost finished:):) Glad i made some research!
    wish you the best!

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  34. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Thank you so much for your kind words!
  35. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Here are few more images.

    Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG
  36. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Hey guys I m back with some new images, the game is progressing so smoothly that i think i m near to start advertising.

    Thank you again for being an awesome community.

    Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG
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  37. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    After a lot of thought i decided that showing the passives description to the user on the team building menu was the best choice to go. All passives now(60 passives) have their description that not only show the numbers and type but also you can also see the upgrades and how it affect the passives.Cheers guys here are more images for you.

    Capture3.PNG Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG
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  38. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Hey all how you are all doing. The game is technically finished but i still work on improving the performance,have fun balance with grind/level up,finishing the shop and the marketing.

    I had more ideas for braves but the game will launch with 10 titles with at least 3 passives each and some have 4.
    There are more than 70+ passives in the game right now(i reached my goal). There are so many combination you do can that i doubt i will be able to test every possible combination and add up 2 summons(which are 9 now).

    I m really glad with how it all works out and i m sure people will enjoy farming Braves to find new combinations and see the new passives.

    Here are some more images

    Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG Capture4.PNG
  39. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    I apologise about the delay.
    I was planning for the game to be released before this month ended but plans don't always work out.

    I know i said no updates but i changed so much from the game that it is needed to those that follow this game progression.

    Update 15

    New modes.

    Developer Comment : The game you knew was easy, while you could get stacked in a mission you could always level up and progress just by doing some grinding. I wanted to provide more challenge to the players without removing the ease to for casual players.

    Easy Mode : The game as it was
    Normal Mode : The new default mode
    Extreme Mode : For those that seek a real challenge

    You can change modes whenever you want thanks to the new button in the main menu. Each mode is a different save file so you have different Braves and Items.Between them you can have 300 Braves and 300 Items.


    Progression is shared between them.Your new missions and summons will be available no matter what mode you play.

    New Reward System

    Developer Comment : The old system was tedious and boring for the player and for me. How it worked? Each mission had its own rewards with some possibility of getting them after winning the mission.It wasnt fun so it needed a change.

    Rewards now are based on Lists. There are currently 7 lists and each list contain around 35-45 unique Items.
    Each star difficulty get random items based on the list it has.Missions affect the percentage chance to get an item or how many items you can get from the list.

    Positives of the changes
    • It is easier to create new missions without the need to make individual mission items
    • New Missions only require simple adjustments for the list
    • Better experience for the player
    • Better code management
    • New Items can be created easier and more accessible
    Shop finished

    Developer Comment : The shop was introduced on Update 6. It was very basic with few predetermined options to buy.It was split to 4 sections Braves,Items,Elements and Special.It felt bland and needed major rework.

    • The shop has now 3 categories Braves,Items and Special.
    • The Braves and Items categories are now both randomized!
    • You can only buy single instance of the same Item or Brave
    • New Warning Text message box
    • Prices are dynamic and random.You won't have bad items with huge prices but they will still be random
    How it works? Simple.
    When you complete a mission you get 3-6 random Braves to buy and max 20 random Items from all lists to buy.


    New Item Type: Consumables

    Developer Comment : In order to survive the challenged Normal and Extreme brought to the game a new type of items was needed.

    Consumables will restore or Revive dead Braves. Be careful when you use them,you never know when you might need them.

    New Swipe Mechanics

    Developer Comment : I really liked the position change,it was unique and not many games of this genre have done it. The problem was that it brought a lot of negatives with it also and some nasty bugs. While i might add it again after release i think it was better to remove it from now and add something new.

    If you notice on the old images you can see 2 icon

    AttackStance.png DefenceStance.png
    Those are icons for the new strategy.
    By swiping right you enter the "Attack Stance" it charge your Auto Attack bar slightly faster for all Braves.
    By swiping left you enter the "Defense Stance" it recovers Health to all braves slightly over time.

    Removed Story

    Developer Comment : While i was very far into the story i had to make the hard choice and remove it. The reasons were that my English is not very good,the pace felt a bit too fast and it also wasted precious time i could have use elsewhere.

    Finished All Summons

    You start with 3 summons and you can get 6 more by progressing the game.Each with unique animation and skill.


    Developer Comment : I think the performance is okay but can be better, i always look of how i do things and how i can improve it. Make it more simple but with the same effect. Most of my time this month was spend on this. The game require you to move between many menus and the Loading Time while not that much it is enough to make players be bored.

    Loading Times improved (Will be improved even after the game release)
    Stagger/Lags reduced massively in battles and menus (Will be improved even after the game release)

    New Tutorial

    Tutorial Reworked, explaining all the changes in game. Removed story related parts for a more mechanical approach.

    New Manual

    The Manual explains all the changes,simple Text based that is easy to navigate.

    Bug Fixes

    Developer Comment : This game started as a simple idea and it grew up to be very big and complex.With many modes,braves combinations + summons, enemies, map hazards and the list goes on there bound to be bugs. I m playtesting every day and fixing what i can.

    Many bugs fixed but many more to come.

    Test Phase Coming Soon

    I am planning a Test Phase for those that want to try the game out before it releases.

    You will be credited on the Credits Menu + 1 advertise link for your own project.
    You can use it for your portofolio/CV or any other way you prefer as Braves_RPG official Tester

    What i will need.
    -How was the balance felt,what can be changed.
    -Any bugs you encounter,what you did to reach that state.
    -Overall Opinions,negative and positive
    -Performance,did you encounter lags/long loading times?
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2018
  40. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Thank you to those that help me test the game :)

    I changed and fixed many things from your feedback.

    Update 16

    New battle UI,new mechanics

    This design is not just for looks,it helps the player to achieve better results and with much more ease than ever.

    New UI focus on making the player use both hands.

    What changed and what has been added?
    • Blocks changed position. Easier to use with your left hand.
    • Summons position changed also.
    • Added 3 new buttons.Skills buttons.
    • Added Charge mechanic,replaced the old attack,defend stance.
    • Removed most Text.
    • Arrows to show what enemy they are targeting
    • Changed target line renderer for a better visually
    • Auto Attack and Passive bars are now under the Braves Health
    • Displaying the Levels of both Braves and Enemies
    • New Retreat button
    Charging mechanic : By swiping left you charge your summons,after the summons are charged you can call any of the two summons. By swiping right you charge your skills, they hold 3 charges and each time you use it depletes one charge. They are weak but the charging is a lot faster than summons.

    Skills: They are weaker versions of passives that you can use whenever you want (if you have charges)

    Transition animation between summons and skills menus.
    You can assign 3 skills of your choices.
    More skills unlocked each time you progress through the game.

    Reward system massively improved.
    More rewards added,Show punishments for normal/extreme modes.

    New shortcut buttons to inventory,brave and mission menus

    It saves your last mission scene.It is a lot easier and faster to navigate where you really want to go.

    New Sound and Music system

    Made a really good system for music and sounds. Very easy to add/use them.

    All buttons have sounds now, even on battle scenes.

    New option button

    Adjust the sound/music volume
    New game button

    Performance Improvements

    More performance improvements were made.

    Bug fixes

    Fixed bug that braves died on easy mode.
    Fixed bug that showed wrong rewards.
    Fixed many passives that weren't working as intended.

    Thank you

    I hope you look forward to the release of the game. I know i said it would have been release already but better having a delayed game than a released bad game.

    I like looking back at how i started and how far i came. This is a really fun journey :)
  41. CharisVik


    Feb 18, 2018
    Update 17

    New Features

    New Loading Screen + Over 80 Random Tips


    New Manual , displaying all the needed information


    New Mission UI + reworked system


    Explaining : Missions before were too open,not enough information was displaying on them and also were not linked with rewards.What i mean with link? Creating a new mission card was making me create new code for that card rewards. In other words making the UI card and clicking some checkboxes and mission done.

    Now : TL = Team Level. If all your Braves Level combined is equal or bigger than the Mission card level you can access it. So to access Light Blobs for example you need 3 Braves each Lv1 (lowest it can get)

    • Missions now Link the Levels of the enemies inside the mission
    • Missions Display the enemies Element, so you can prepare better before even playing it.
    • Missions now display ALL the rewards you get,no longer hidden exp,gold
    • Clearing Missions will mark and save them

    Quality of Life

    Changed UI on the cards to make buttons clearer

    Targeting changed to a beam of light. Easier to measure distance also.


    Enemies have an AA bar now (green bar same as Braves)

    You can display status items that are equipped on each Brave using the new Slots Button added on Brave Menu


    New Warning Messages for Equiping status Items and Clearing status Items

    Slider Bars Added to Every scrollable area

    Added new button to add a Brave in the team without even getting on the status screen

    Retreat Button Change + new effects. Now it works almost a Final Fantasy game. Failed retreats are punished and if you successfully retreat you lose random amount of gold depending on the difficulty


    • Almost all enemies reworked with more skills and effects
    • Summons balanced around the new Overcharge mechanic. New effect and animation for some Summons
    • All Skills balanced
    • Missions finished with correct scaling Exp and gold
    • Shop prices overall reduced
    • Upgrade passives prices reduced

    Bug Fixes

    Many Passives visuals fixed

    Next update is the last :)
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