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Both local and online content.

Discussion in 'Addressables' started by Sanctus2099, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Sanctus2099


    Dec 11, 2013
    Hello all,

    I'm having some issues in my current project and I was hoping you guys could shed some light here.

    The application is basically a hub for multiple "games" which are supposed to be downloaded from a CDN server. The data for the games is created by a build server which is triggered from a webpage. The build server is supposed to automatically upload the data to the CDN but I haven't got that part working yet.
    For every "game" a new group is created with a unique name. In every such group there is a json file that uses the same unique name as the address. The rest of the files used by the "game" are also in this group. The json has information about everything in the game, including the addresses of the resources needed.

    There is also some data that is supposed to ship with the game used in some menus and other common parts of the application. I use addressables for it because there are multiple models I load and unload and as far as I know, I would have to otherwise keep them all loaded all the time. Those assets are kept in the "Default local group".

    We are 2 developers in the team and we also have 2 people testing the game. All of us need to build the data locally but then the application also has to download the "games" from the CDN. So far this seems to be problematic since 1) during development, we need to test out the data in the editor and evidently prebuilt data isn't working well. 2) There are numerous crc check issues when downloading the bundles and also often there are "unknown error"s reported by the editor.

    Currently the content catalog is marked to be built in the remote data folder (ServerData). The data build script uploads this to the CDN but when building the game for a device the local data also needs to be built so this also generates a content catalog which could be creating some issues.

    Given this need to have data both locally and remote, how would you guys have the workflow?