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Games Bot Lazer Fight , 2d game, need a programmer/scripter

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by ralfsolo, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. ralfsolo


    May 13, 2019
    Hello my name is Raphael, allow me to present to you our first game, it's a 2D casual game about duels between robots with some RPG elements :)

    Our team : Raphael : conception/graphic
    Cyril: Graphic
    Alexandre: Music

    the state of the game is : Graphics 100%
    musics and sounds 100%

    We are in need of a programmer/scripter (share/rev)

    you are welcome to contact us anytime (English or French)

    Bot Lazer Fight

    Summery, the game is a robots duel with some RPG element. The player is a mecabot in the year 2084 who builds robots to duel with other mecabots in arena watched by millions of frantic fans.
    The mecabot can improve his robot with better attack and defense.
    The game is solo and multi.

    the combat mechanic
    the robots are face to face and their laser guns reload every 6 shoots. the laser gun can shoot normal laser or improved laser than have special effect. the robot can wear implants than improve his defense.

    Solo and Multi
    The player has a solo campaign which he has to defeat 80 robots before to become the champion of the arena.

    The player can make a casual duel with one friend, he sets the among of money for the duel and equip his robot.