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Bolt - Unity Reflect Viewer - BIM Data

Discussion in 'Visual Scripting' started by maustin02, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. maustin02


    Apr 21, 2020
    Hi All,

    I am very new to the Unity community. I had a few questions that I wanted to see if anyone might have a workflow too. I do not know C# but have used a visual scripting before in another application. I am currently using the default unity Reflect Viewer from the unity GITHUB link. I have started to set up a workflow that that allows me to use a button to turn on and off the root folder, getting use to Untiy and Bolt. I now want to expand on that, the default reflect viewer pulls in BIM metadata (see attached image). I want to utilize this BIM data in the BOLT scripting but was not sure how to get BOLT to access this information. I know that this metadata is pulled into untiy via a C# script that reads the BIM models and organizes into categories. Is there anyone to access that info, for an example I want to crate a button that when I click it it will turn all the wood door lime green.

    Thanks for the help,

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  2. merpheus


    Mar 5, 2013
    You may use "FindObjectOfType" with Bolt in order to access to scripts, but to determine which one in particular that you wish to access, it is a bit more complicated, since all the data comes in play mode. So, I'd suggest to find Metadata via "FindObjectsOfType" and find the one that matches with the "Id" that you are targeting on your Metadata script. Then you can use it to change or use attributes of that particular instance.