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Blender animation glitches...newbie, help needed!

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by Altissimus, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Altissimus


    May 11, 2015

    I've spent hours on this, to no avail.

    I have an object with an armature, and one animation.
    I have another object in the same scene with a separate armature, and one animation.

    Can I bring them both up at once in the Dope Sheet?
    Whether I select one, other or both of the objects, I can only ever see one animation in the Dope Sheet Summary. Where's the other one? I thought the Dope Sheet Summary was supposed to show all animations?

    How do I switch between the animations?
    In Action Editor view, I can click "Browse Action to be linked" and my two animations are there with F next to them. If I select one, and play it, it's fine. If I think "Browse Action to be linked" and select the second animation, although the dope sheet summary shows the new animation, the viewport shows the object animating to the first animation. Why is this?

    Why are my animations linked?
    So because I'm a complete newbie, I think I recorded the second animation on top of the first animation (or something). Anyway, although the action editor does not show any keyframes of the second animation, when I play the first animation I get the second one too, and vice-versa. There's no obvious reason for this or linkage in the hierarchy. How do I separate them again?

    Why does loading an animation move the armature?
    Despite everything set (Ctrl+A) on loc/ro/sca, when I load up the animation the armature (and all connected objects) leap-frogs to 0,0,4.56545. If I re-load the file it's back where it should be. WTF?

    Animation not translating to Unity?
    When I do export, one of the animations doesn't translate - the other does. The one that doesn't is a cube with a array mod and curve mod; when the curve is moved the cube array animates (following around the curve). The curve is parented to the armature, so I animate this by moving the armature: cube array moves along the curve, all is fine. In Unity, the same animation does something completely different - the cube array simply translates along an axis in the shape of the curve, rather than following along the curve. If anyone can answer this one I'll be forever grateful.