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Question Blend tree animations do not work on LOD group

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Tabacohabano_Games, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. Tabacohabano_Games


    Dec 16, 2020
    Hello everyone! does someone faced that BLEND TREE´s animations are not updated in a LOD group set for an animated character?
    • I am using Unity 2019.4.30.
    • I have a character animated with a biped in 3Ds Max;
    • I have4 LOD versions of the model that use the same biped and animations.
    • I exported them to Unity and set as generic in the inspector.
    • I created an empty object with the LOD group compenent. I added to it the different LOD versions of the character;
    • Each LOD version has a the animator component.
    • They share the same avatar and the same animation controller.
    • I´ve set the same root bone of the LOD models: the bone from the LOD 0 model.
    • Animator controller: Animation states and their blend trees are set in the same base layer: Blending Override + IK Pass

    However it does not work for animations set within the blend tree.
    I´ve checked LOD models inside the group only update animations between animations states. But if I modify a float, say 'Forward', within the Blend Tree, only animations are updated at LOD 0 model, but the rest of model keep playing the default animation set in the blend tree.

    Any help to fix it or a workaround?
    Thank you in advance!

    PD: The only workaround I can thnk about right now is to set an animation controller without blend trees, but with states only.