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Question Blend Shape missing in animation clip copied to new mesh

Discussion in 'Animation' started by syobe0808, Nov 2, 2021.

  1. syobe0808


    May 17, 2017
    I copied blend shape origin mesh to new mesh.
    It seems to copy completely as you can see below screenshot. But It's not working in animation.

    Mesh sourceMesh = _smRenderers[i].sharedMesh;
    Mesh targetMesh = smr.sharedMesh;
    Vector3[] deltaVertices = new Vector3[sourceMesh.vertexCount];
    Vector3[] deltaNormals = new Vector3[sourceMesh.vertexCount];
    Vector3[] deltaTangents = new Vector3[sourceMesh.vertexCount];
    for(int shapeIndex = 0; shapeIndex<sourceMesh.blendShapeCount; ++shapeIndex)
    string shapeName = sourceMesh.GetBlendShapeName(shapeIndex);
    if(targetMesh.GetBlendShapeIndex(shapeName) < 0)
    int frameCount = sourceMesh.GetBlendShapeFrameCount(shapeIndex);
    for(int frameIndex = 0; frameIndex<frameCount; frameIndex++)
    float frameWeight = sourceMesh.GetBlendShapeFrameWeight(shapeIndex, frameIndex);
    sourceMesh.GetBlendShapeFrameVertices(shapeIndex, frameIndex, deltaVertices, deltaNormals, deltaTangents);
    targetMesh.AddBlendShapeFrame(shapeName, frameWeight, deltaVertices, deltaNormals, deltaTangents);

    this is my copy code.
    (it refered

    So I check animation clip in animation window. Blend shape in animation clip is missing.
    I think link is broken during copy mesh to mesh. blendshape.jpg

    can Unity Technology guys help me ?
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2021