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Better FBX Importer & Exporter Add-on For Blender

Discussion in 'External Tools' started by meshonline, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. meshonline


    Feb 7, 2014

    The FBX support in Blender always has issues, many developers are afraid to use Blender in their workflow.

    So I made a better FBX importer and exporter add-on for Blender with Autodesk FBX SDK from scratch.

    I wish the add-on can solve all FBX issues in Blender, help developers to use Blender as their workflow.

    • Supports Blender 2.79b and Blender 2.8.
    • Supports Blender Renderer, Cycles Renderer, and Eevee Renderer.
    • Supports N-Gons (Polygons consisting of more than 4 vertices).
    • Supports exporting smoothing groups.
    • Supports automatic bone orientation.
    • Supports armature deform animation.
    • Supports shape key animation.
    • Supports multiple material sets.
    • Supports multiple UV sets.
    • Supports multiple vertex color sets.
    • Supports meshes attach to bones.
    • Compatible with all FBX versions.
    • Supports exporting from any generic rigging system.
    • Supports exporting retarget-able human armature from Rigify Auto-Rigging System.
    • Supports Unity Engine 2018 and Unreal Engine 4.
    • Supports Windows, Linux and macOS.

    Blender Market:

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  2. meshonline


    Feb 7, 2014
    The latest version supports exporting parts of the deform bones! :cool:

    This feature is very useful for game engines, for Rigify armature has up to 160 deform bones, usually we don't need all of them in game engines.

    You can select necessary deform bones in 'EDIT' mode, then export, the unused vertex weights will be merged to the used deform bones automatically, so you don't need to re-skin your character.