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Feature Request Better Character Controller + Trigger Zones + Physics Body and Joint Component

Discussion in 'Physics' started by Spider-Kyleo, May 5, 2023.

  1. Spider-Kyleo


    Mar 3, 2021
    So here are 3 Suggestions I would like to be added to Unity to improve it

    1-Better Character Controller

    The Character controller right now feels like a kinematic RigidBody that can climb stairs and that's it, and yes I know about the slope stuff but it is not helpful, and lots of people prefer the RigidBody Component as opposed to using the Character Controller, here are some ways to make it better
    1. Add an optional and controllable gravity
    2. Add slope sliding
    3. Add a way to change the height relatively quickly for crouching without needing to adjust the centre of the Controller
    4. Add a "jump" method that takes a jump height and impulses the player up(this could probably be presented in a better way but I can't think of anything rn)
    5. Add an option when CInemachine is added that allows the Controller to Change Direction based on the camera look for 3rd person controllers
    6. Moving Platform Support without reparenting
    Yep, that's it, that's the stuff I just want for the Character Controller, this will help remove repetitive tasks and make it better

    2-Trigger Zones
    Trigger zones are basically trigger colliders that call a Unity/C# event when entered/stayed/exited, They are so simple to make that it literally becomes a repetitive task, it should be included in any collider when it is set as a trigger

    3-PhysicsBody Component and Joint Component
    Right now, the colliders are in a clustered state and the joints are too, instead of making them separate components, why not make colliders all be in 1 component so that you can switch their type instead of having tons of multiple colliders, same can also be said for the joints

    also if you don't completely agree with the following, I too have some questionable views about it

    Another idea is to have the RigidBody Component and Colliders be merged to keep the inspector clean(usually Rigidbodies require a collider) but this can lead to a problem which is if you need multiple colliders, so I am a bit sceptical on it