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Discussion in '2020.1 Beta' started by noyogiisMYusername, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. noyogiisMYusername


    May 18, 2020
    Beta testing and bug tracking would be assisted much by an overlay for beta-testing.
    In project settings, an option for beta-testing, if true, it enables a beta-toolbar that controls the beta-overlay.
    In the beta-toolbar you can toggle on the beta-overlay.
    The beta-overlay (BO) could function similar to a web browser's inspect element;
    A BO for inspecting not the code of an element, but for seeing current bugs and feature request.

    The BO would also be for submitting not just viewing, as it would be tied in to the forum.
    Separate windows and tabs as part of the BO would show:
    -feature requests
    -up/down votes on features
    -as well as reasons things are as they are (sometimes we try things and they don't work for a reason, but people keep thinking that it would be great to have something that certain way cause they haven't had a chance to try it that way, if the information is available, that both reduces the amount of clutter in forums and gives someone a simple opportunity to say, "oh, I know how to fix that" and a place to share it that is clear and organized. It also fosters a deeper understanding of not just the program that one is using but the world around them.
    (the current mobility of the window and tab system on unity is excellent, i imagine the great design of unity applied to this overlay)

    Once one uses this overlay, say in their imagination, one realizes this would be a great asset to a help section, tutorials, tooling changes; The BO should really be an option on a much needed (for all programs, not just unity) helper-overlay, I'll save the acronym for a more creative to come up with.
    All programs should have a helper-overlay:
    -Simple quick start guide
    -How To Do's
    -Bug Reporting
    -Feature Requests
    -Voting on features - (with helper-overlay up, select an element, a window shows current feature requests relating to this element, you see that another has already commented regarding your concern, so you upVote it, your upVote of the concern has pushed it past the interest threshold, a notification is displayed in the current topics window telling you that your concern is being voted on. Once a certain feature or bug passes a threshold of interest it is moved to the current topics window, where it can be addressed more quickly.

    Please, next time you are using a program and have a thought of how something could be improved or experience an interface issue, imagine how simple it would be to share your idea with this overlay functionality. The more ubiquitous it is, the more cross platform and cross program it is, the more people will help with finding and fixing bugs, and more great our future systems will develop.
    Please, if you have the ability to help implement this or have an ear of someone who does, give it a thought.

    Thank you,
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