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Beginner's Question About Interactive Tennis Game

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by VasSis, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. VasSis


    Jul 31, 2019
    Hello everyone,

    I'm a beginner game developer, currently trying to learn unity.

    I have a question about how to make an interactive tennis game,
    where you don't have a tennis court nor a racket, but an empty space where
    you just see the tracking line of the ball as it travels to infinity.

    The lines have random shapes every time you swing the racket and hit the 'ball'
    (maybe a continuous line or a dotted line).

    As for the way you play the game, i'd like to use a racket with a sensor
    and the game will be played on a big screen.

    The question is, is it possible to make something like this in unity
    or is there any template that i can use?

    I attach a link to a video where a company made something similar.

    Thanks in advance!!!


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  2. JoeStrout


    Jan 14, 2011
    Yes, it's certainly possible, but no, there's probably not a template you can use.

    If you're a beginner at Unity, you might want to choose something simpler for your first project. How about a nice Doodle Jump clone?
  3. VasSis


    Jul 31, 2019
    Hello Joe and thanks for the reply!!!

    I searched for Doodle Jump on Google and it looks cool!!!

    Thanks for the help!!!
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