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batchmode, nographics, EC2, ProVagueness

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Yukichu, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Yukichu


    Apr 2, 2013
    Please, please correct me if I am wrong on these things I've learned in the past day:

    - The command line argument, -batchmode, is a pro-only feature for both Windows and Linux builds (and I presume Mac too)

    - The command line argument, -batchmode, does not tell you this is a pro-only feature anywhere in the documentation page:

    - Amazon EC2 Micro Free Windows server does not have the proper resources/components/whatever to run a Unity .exe without it -batchmode being turned on (large assumption, lots of web searching involved, UnityPark documentation led me to this understanding). I cannot claim this is the case for any of the larger/paid version of EC2 Windows server... but my .exe crashed instantly every attempt.

    - Amazon EC2 Linux server (ubuntu) can run a compiled Unity program... however there are no graphics, so -batchmode is required, or I need to install a windows manager and make it all graphical (have not done this yet, but I assume it'd work.)

    - The command line -nographics either does nothing, or something that I cannot comprehend. Attempting to run a .exe in Windows on my localmachine with -nographics does... nothing. UnityPlayer opens, shows a spash screen, and graphics are there.

    - The command line -nographics does nothing on Linux; however, I've read multiple posts saying it does something and is needed even though it is not needed.

    - From other things I've read here, the Linux headless server has an issue where it will ramp up CPU over time even if it's not doing anything... which makes me want to shy away from Linux (for now) but I have no choice unless I want to invest some money for a real Windows server.

    - (Large assumption) Since one of the most popular, free, playground-type server instances (Amazon EC2) requires -batchmode, and -batchmode is Pro-only, and -batchmode is not even advertised as being Pro-only... it is a conspiracy between Unity and Amazon. (63% believable...)

    - So if I want to run a server/client type thing... I must either run a linux server with a windows manager (pretty sure, have not tested), pay for a Windows VM that isn't so "micro", or get a Pro license.

    Well, I see Unity gives away a lot of stuff for free, and needs to make some things "pro-only" which is great. Just update that friggin' webpage to let me know -batchmode is pro-only - please. I guess it's time to get a pro license. Oh I just remembered about the 30 day trial.

    Insight, corrections, knowledge - appreciated.
  2. ilyas


    Dec 1, 2012
    Hello !

    I answer just now because I have so much difficulties to find thread or answer about Unity-server development and run the linux build on an Amazon EC2. Actually i success to run the Unity server application on a Amazon server with -batchmode -nographical with headless mode enabled in the build settings. I use Unity Pro I cannot confirm you about the -batchmode feature only for pro. But I think it's for free version too, that's basic command line not a feature development.

    Anyway, I up this thread because i have a difficult in my development, in batchmode there are no console of the unity-server build on the EC2, and I would like to shut down it. Of course, kill command on ubuntu don't shut down it. Is there a way for the Unity-app on a ubuntu server to run Application.Quit() by ubuntu server console ?
  3. kennebel


    Oct 10, 2014
    Just to keep good information out there. -batchmode is Pro only in Unity 4. I wish they would allow this feature in Free, as this is what is going to cause me to use a different engine. I want to get up and going with an authoritative server, but no game income means no money for pro, and there are many cheap linux options to host on, but I need an engine that will let me use them.