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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by yuno44907, Apr 28, 2015.

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  1. yuno44907


    Aug 16, 2014
    2damage 1hit 1flee 2armor 10hp 1hpr 30mp 3mpr move range 1level=10points=1skill points

    Why dont we lose mana when we use basic attack? In real life when you punch someone you get tired right? There is latest and last and most perfect game idea of yuno44907.

    If you attack you will lose mp equal to hit and damage you used. If you try to dodge you will lose mp equal to your flee. If you get hit use armor and hpr for destroy damage, they are consume mp too. Everything consumes mp so you have to be careful about that.

    Note: everybody has 1 move and range on basic but this move and range is invisible. If you have 1 range that means you attacking from 2 tiles away. If someone dont have move than its a turret and turrets have 2 times more points bcause they cant move; which one means they may have more range than you.

    Skills consumes even more mp. Stronger skills consumes extremely more mp. Normal attack consumes 2 mp. %200 consumes 6mp, %300 12mp, %400 20mp, %500 30mp.

    %500 damage means one shoot kill. Even with %300 damage you can one shoot kill enemy if you roll highest damage possible.

    In board game version damages against armored targets are random for destroying armor more easily but non armored targets always get same amount of damage.

    If you dont use skill your mana will end in 20 turns. Your hp will end in 20 turns(2damage in 4 turns). So game is extremely perfectly balanced. If your HP reachs 0 your mana will take damage but it take 9 times more damage. When both is 0, you will die. You can use hp instead of mana but 1hp=1mp which one means you will kill yourself quickly. So %33hp=%100mp and %33mp=%100hp


    Attacker 4damage 1hit, defender 1flee 2armor 1hpr. 8 0 0 0 damage dealt. 2 damage took by armor remain 6. 4 damage took by hpr remain 2. 2 damage took in 4 turns. Balance confirmed!

    This game extreme realistic bcause your enemy my get tired of beating you and after that you finish him of. There is no other system which one you can beat your enemy by unduring his blows and making him tired. Bcause of attacking is very fatiguing, most of battles may end with retreat. Even moving consumes mp and it consumes with triangular numbers. 1st tile is 1mp, 2nd tile is 2mp, 3rd tile is 3mp; in total 1+2+3=6mp if you move 3 tiles in 1 turn if your base speed is 3. If you have a skill makes you run %200 faster that causes 1 2 3 basic movespeed 4X2 5X2 6X2 running active skill=6+15X2=36. As you can see moving is very expensive bcause everybody must move slow and map must be very big, which one means you have to move slow! Ranged attacks consumes mana with same way and same amount. Basic attacks are melee but you can use a basic ranged attack which one consumes mana as basic movement. Area effect spells have radius based on your range and they consume 2 times more mana than ranged attacks so area skills and ranged skills are cheap but if you waste your mana too much, you cant even move.

    You will also use mana for breaking ice, tearing wines, shattaring floor. So if your enemy uses an debuff root skill on you, you can roll dice for getting rid of it or you consume 3 times more mana for getting free instantly. So you can kill debuffs by using mana. Mana is your energy and if you are energic nothing can stop you.

    Can you understand how realistic and balanced this game?

    As a board game this game is pretty annoying. You need random number generator software for random damage and dodge calculation. You have to track cooldowns, hpr, mpr each turn which one makes low memory people crazy! But this is the best fighting system and most realistic one. You can do all anime characters in this system. Also as you level up nothing changes. You always may one hit kill someone by using half of your mp(roll highest damage, dont miss), nothing is changing. So level 1 vs level 1 is same thing with level 999 vs level 999; they will use same skills and tactics; you dont get op or your skills dont get op as you level up. There is no problem in this game but if everything will stay same than why do you want to level up? There is seriously no difference between level 1 and 100. Also bcause of horrible mana costs you can use all skills you want and skills will have really low cooldowns, after all you will get run out of mana really quickly.

    In other games as you level up your mana getting higher and its becoming infinite. In this game when you increase something, its mana cost will increase with same amount so there is no curval increase arc, there is only linear line.. In other games you have armor for dividing incoming damage but in this game your armor decreases and even kills incoming damage by subtraction.

    Nothing is getting multiplied, everything is linear and same; always.


    Buffs for get rid of triangular increase penalty. If you are buffed and you use an active skill it is 2 3 from buff 2 3 from active skill and 1 from basic attribute makes %500 in total but its mana cost is like %300+%300-%100; so its mana cost will be less if you can understand triangular numbers. So we use buffs for using our mana more effectively. That also means if some one uses damage buff and than goes near to you and uses damage active skill it can kill you easily by using low amount of mana.

    In board game version everything is less detailed and less realistic. In PC game version we have 12 damage elements and 12 hit rate elements. So there is 12 attack styles and 12 attack types in this game. You can burn or freeze your enemy but you also can do that with a melee skill or magic or ranged or plasma skill so there is 12X12 combination. Also you can use coldXcold skill which one means extreme cold and if enemy have cold resist it will take no damage bcause coldXcold means it is %200 cold element which one means %200 less effective if enemy has resistance against it.


    You have base 10 damage enemy is +%50 weak. You will have 15 base damage but if you use a %200 skill you will have 15+10 damage so resistances doesnt affects base. And it will consume 15+10X2=35mp. If enemy is fully resistant against your element than you will deal 0 damage but if you use %200 skill you will deal 10 damage but you will lose 20mp bcause of using skill. So enemy is gave you +5 at first example and at second you lost -10, which one also means +%50 and -%100. So nothing is divided or multiplied we add and subtract things.

    Other Stupid Random Ideas

    Best games are Hearthstone, LOL, Archeage, Trove, Robocraft, Supermechs.

    We dont want click or make vegetable farms bcause this is not a game or playing. We need a perfect balance most of games are completely unbalanced. We hate team based games bcause we hate 10 years olds(we are 20 years olds). Openworld pvp must be between 2 factions bcause its getting too much if everybody kills each other. We want to speak with our enemies. Leveling up getting extremely harder but in my game it is like that 1 1X1 2 2X2 3 3X3, first number level second number mobs level third number how many mobs we have to kill. So leveling up is really easy and not getting %10 harder each level. We want to kill higher level players and in my game this is completely possible but in other games you dealing 1 damage to higher levels and they 1 shoot killing you, and you cant dodge. We hate snowball and in my game there will be reverse snowball which one means as you lose you get amazing buffs and minnions. There is no team or party, you getting exp by yourself you dont need teamplay just stay near to your friends. We hate last hit mechanics and we hate DPS builds. In my game tanks are too OP and first attacker will get highest exp and each attackers will get exp too. In my game if you die you lose 1 level and you spawn at level 1 map and if you free player you cant play the game until tomorrow which one means you have to be an immortal tank.

    Also isnt annoying items and gold? Why we are collecting things? Why we are getting gold? Why we wasting time on economy? It is boring. There is no drops or items in my game, just build your character and fight.

    Board FRP is annoying. You have d20 which one means you may deal 1 damage or 20 damage randomly and there is a dragon with 40 armor which one means only 20 with critical may deal damage. So just roll dice and menace the DM, and keep saying how cool and perfect you are; bullshit. Also strangely in FRP you have str, agi, dex, int which one indirectly affects your hit rate and damage. You can gain exp by speaking and solving puzzles. Why do you playing DnD? Do you think WOW is the best game? In real fight you mostly resist against enemy attacks but in WOW you mostly get hit and take damage. A giant puching you and you shooting a fireball to it, how realistic.

    I think Ragnarök Online was have best mechanics. 10 armor was meaning reduce damage by %10 while 99 armor causing the taking 1 damage from everything so strangly 99 armor was acting like 100 armor. We was building our own characters and every character was unique. Cards was dropping from every 10.000 monster and some cards wasnt even dropped, think about it there is an item but noone have it bcause you have to kill 10.000 OP monsters. And that takes years; that really really takes years bcause a year is 365 days. I miss Ragnaröks old days from 2003 before getting raped by patches patches and even more patches.

    At this days all games are too easy and all games are for kids so thats why we hate every game including hearthstone. I have all cards and i am still losing bcause players using quick kill decks and they are have lucky draws. Everybody using same, stupid, old, ugly cards. I hate OP cards of hearthstone.

    Now you will say “i didnt understand” than you say “ohh that was too long i cant read this”. Is there anyway to make you happy, you 10 years oldies?
  2. Gigiwoo


    Mar 16, 2011
    Personal attacks are not permitted. Given the tone in this and the other thread, I'm locking this thread before it turns nasty. You may find it helpful to step away for a day so you can return fresh, with less emotion.

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