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Audio Normalize Effect

Discussion in 'Documentation' started by gravelvoice, May 2, 2018.

  1. gravelvoice


    May 2, 2018
    The documentation for this effect isn't detailed enough to make sense of what this plug in is doing.

    I understand the fade in time is the time it takes for the normalization effect to take effect.

    Lowest Volume is a bit cryptic. Is this the lowest volume that would be normalized? what unit is this in?

    Max Amp - is this the maximum volume amplification that would be applied? Again, what unit? Does this also take into account 0dBFS to prevent distortion?

    Normalization usually just multiplies each sample by the amount of dB needed to take the highest amplitude to the target level. Commonly this is 0dBFS, so if you wanted to take the peak to 0 and that required a 2x multiplier, then all samples will be multiplied by that same amount. This usually takes place off line because if the whole file isn't there, it doesn't know what the peak sample is.

    This plugin seems to do it real time so there is no way of knowing what multiple to apply.

    I really could use some more detailed information on what these parameters are and how they are supposed to be used.