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AssetBundle with single VideoClip is NOT working and occur error.

Discussion in 'Asset Bundles' started by siz20971_Co, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. siz20971_Co


    Jun 18, 2018

    I'm using Unity 2019.1.10f and something issue happened with assetbundle.

    When play videoClip in Assetbundle what has single videoclip, make following error.

    WindowsVideoMedia error 0x8007007b while reading archive:/CAB-bc229b5592fd286ebef2d66e5f5755d8/CAB-bc229b5592fd286ebef2d66e5f5755d8.resource

    Context: MFCreateFile
    Error details: <Empty>
    Track types:

    VideoPlayer cannot play clip : E:/Repository/RespectPC/respect/trunk/source/RespectSteamBundler/Assets/BundleDatas/TestVideos/video_01/video01.mp4

    Cannot read file.

    This Single videoclip AssetBundle is working well in unity 2018.4.2f.

    This is my test project.
    If assetbundle has video clips more than 2, I can play video very well.
    (I tested assetbundle that contain 100 more clips and this working properly in Unity 2018 and 2019)

    Just before create thread, I tested in 2019.1.14f and 2019.2.0f.
    and, These are makes error too.

    How could I use single video clip asset bundle?