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AssetBundle loads but can't retrieve the created prefab

Discussion in 'Asset Bundles' started by yohanscritch, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. yohanscritch


    Apr 30, 2020
    Hi there,

    Here is the thing : I want to load Assets in my scene A, then go to my scene B and use the loaded assets there. Looks simple!

    Scene A:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. WWW request = WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload(url, 0);
    3.         while(!request.isDone)
    4.         {
    5.             Debug.Log(request.progress);
    6.             yield return null;
    7.         }
    9.         if (request.error == null)
    10.         {
    11.             ABundle = request.assetBundle;
    12.             var myAsset =  ABundle.LoadAsset("Questions");
    13.              Debug.Log(;
    14. }
    Here the outputs shows > Questions
    Which is great. Then in my scene B :

    Code (csharp):
    2. var prefabQuestions = Resources.Load("Questions");
    3. GameObject go = (GameObject) Instantiate(prefabQuestions);
    I have an error: it says prefabQuestions is null . I guess the path is wrong, but I can't find the path to the prefab I created in Scene A, what should I do ?
  2. Piotr_Haryza


    Jan 4, 2019
    From what it looks like you are trying to load the asset two times:
    1. In scene A, by doing
      Code (CSharp):
      1. Abundle.LoadAsset("Questions");
      Which loads it from the bundle
    2. In scene B by doing
      Code (CSharp):
      1. Resources.Load("Questions");
      Which loads it from resources.
    What you would like to do is either:
    1. Load this prefab both times from the bundle (as it is in a bundle) (Probably what you want)
    2. Load this prefab in scene A, and store it during scene transition, to be still loaded in scene B
    3. Try to store this loaded prefab somewhere outside of scene (but i don't think this is possibly or easy)