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Looking For Contributor Assembling talented 6 Teams

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by DevsGoingViral, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. DevsGoingViral


    Jan 16, 2015
    What i am looking for:
    Hello folks, i am looking for enough talent to assemble 6 or more teams that will be assigned to 6 or more different projects based on your skills and interests and area of expertise.
    Team structure is simple and each project/team has exactly:
    1. Gameplay programmer (be aware you will hit on basic multiplayer scripting additionally)
    2. 3D artist
    3.Sound designer
    4.Concept artist

    And that's it.
    Positions that will span across multiple projects are: Technical 3D artist, sound designer, concept artist.
    You will creating video games from scratch and this game studio "DGV - DevsGoingViral" will be mostly about 3D physics enabled worlds , sci fi and fantasy worlds.

    I will be doing for all projects:
    Game designing, storylines, 3D art, Technical 3D art, gameplay programming when needed, 2D UI elements, Team lead for all 6+ teams. Additionally i will be during our hard work doing my best to establish a community for each project individually, will occasionally finance complex systems and other tools for our game development for sake of speeding it up, and constantly i will be trying to make deals and get us an investors.

    Goal is simple and is:
    if only one team/project manages success on the market it will enable all other teams to cash out their efforts, to continue working and get permanent employment for all 6+ remaining teams.
    So if only one project succeeds, everyone scores equally, and that's the power of joining this type of serious collaboration. And i was leading 2 collaborative teams in past and learned to be the better lead and what to expect and ask from people right on the beginning which leads me to requirements:

    You absolutely must be communicative and constructive and to be able to accept criticism.
    In the small teams where we have lot of freedom and where i will be doing sometimes 8+ positions and possibly not always keeping all the documents tight you should have good amount of initiative and will to care about you own and others people work, basically do everything you can to push the projects forward, care about them, notify me that you need new fresh information's inside any document. And if you change something it is crucial that you notify me and other team members about it.
    You must be providing the work on a daily basis, just do the best you can each day. I can not accept for overall good of the projects and for other people that you deliver just few assets per month, please skip applying if you are not able to do a bare minimum of 1 hour per day each day. If you score 3 hours in average in a week for each day that rings to me as promising since i am aware that many will have daily jobs and achieving 3 hours per day is really decent in terms of the collaborations.
    To make you work and other peoples work not thrown in trash bin you will be signing legally valid document
    where you state that in case that you quit your assets can be used by the team, and i will sign back to you that you will be paid for such your assets in case that project you was working on previously scored any success and for this reason all of you will log your working hours from day one, so in case you need to quit for any reason you will not make damage to other team since we will not be obligated to remove all of your assets and rebuild and for your good you can expect in that case that one day you could cash out your effort.
    Hour rate in case you quit will be counted as 10 euros per hour. If you are not willing to sign such agreement please do not apply. Be aware that if you stop being communicative, friendly, constructive or you stop delivering assets for no good reason i will be forced to stop working with you for the benefit of the other team members who are putting hard work into the projects.
    If you find this much text as too much please do not apply since that's what you will be doing a lot (reading, writing, voice coms and so forth). If you are fine with everything said and if you can get any of this on a serious way then feel free to reach me.

    How to Apply:
    Please apply with care and provide your experience, the games you are interested working in,
    provide screenshots and/or videos and/or demos. Be descriptive while applying since that's the only thing that i will be able to see and decide will you be able to work with other team members and with me or not.
    Tell me your available time per day. And thank you for your attention so far, and feel free to reach me if you think you could be a good fit.

    Little bit of my work:
    In short, I am Mika(32y old male)a solo video game developer for about 10 years already.
    I have experience creating video games (the whole process across various positions).
    And I have also great experience freelancing for other game studios and working with various team compositions and various skill levels.
    For details and my portfolio please check these 2 links: MyGameDevSite , My3DPortfolio
    And some more videos(its really annoying i can share only 5 videos but in a few days i will make a link to the google drive location from where you would be able to see additional around 20+ videos):

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