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Looking For Contributor Artists, Sound Designers, Musicians, and Assistant Programmers wanted!

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by itsdawg43, Mar 26, 2023.

  1. itsdawg43


    Mar 7, 2023
    TL;DR Need a spriter, animator, and sound designer to help with 2D platformer game. Discord Server at bottom.

    Hello! I am a small developer that has recently gotten into Unity and I am making a small action-adventure platforming game called Kyne. This is a passion project that will (probably) not be monetized anywhere in the near future, and main purpose is for me to get used to designing and creating games. I have been working with Unity for about a month and a half now and starting work on this project 2 weeks ago alongside a few other experimental projects. Below you can see some work that me and my concept artist friend have worked on.

    Here is the official concept art for our main character, Kyne! Wielding a sword of Dark Energy and wielding fire powers, this demon is ready to cause some chaos.

    Last week, I made some basic movement for Kyne, including a double jump and a dash.

    And yesterday, I made interactable objects such as signs and a working dialogue box.

    note: pixel art is only being used as placeholders for now. if we want to we can switch to a different art style later...

    As you can probably tell, a lot of this games assets are placeholders and not totally finalized and look and sound... not the best. Which is why I'm reaching out and making this post to ask for help! We are accepting people of all skill levels to help out. As I said nothing is finalized, and we will work on an overall theming and vibe for the game as we work. If you are interested, join the Discord server and submit an application and I will select a few individuals to join our team.

    Discord Server:
    Or contact me directly: dawg#4339

    Thank you for your consideration!
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