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Looking For Contributor Artist / Sprite Designer for 2D RPG Idle game

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by CallMePasc, Nov 13, 2023.

  1. CallMePasc


    Oct 17, 2022
    I'm making a 2D RPG Idle game.
    The game will be free to play forever, but I do plan to monetize it in the future. We can discuss payment once monetization gets added.

    The basic concept is:
    Player presses start, their character starts idle killing monsters, progresses through zones, until they can no longer kill the monsters and then they restart.
    The zones will go on infinitely but at a certain point the last monsters will just repeat endlessly

    There will be a lot of zones, currently in my very first demo I have 35 zones with 21 different monsters.
    I want at least 100 or 200 zones upon release, every 5 zones have two minor monsters and then one boss.

    So I'm looking for someone to make a LOT of monsters.
    They need to have idle, attack and dead animations, but that's pretty much it.

    Everything else is up for discussion.
    Add me on Discord and let's talk: callmepasc

    Here is a very short preview video, the game has already changed a lot since recording this: