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Looking For Contributor [Art][Unity][Programmer][Designer] We are Making a Flying Capybara Game

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by anthonycavuoti, Apr 13, 2023.

  1. anthonycavuoti


    Aug 7, 2018
    Our game features a flying capybara that defends their homeland against invading geese. The game is a 2D automatic scrolling shooter where the player is free to move in all directions. The gameplay is super simple but fun. The game at this point needs a lot of polish so that me, and all those who contribute to it feel comfortable showing it off to there friends and family. The project is already well underway, and after 3½ months of development, we have finished the gameplay and music components. However, we need additional expertise to ensure the project is completed on time, by May 18th.

    To achieve our goals, we require assistance in several key areas, including:

    • Audio and music system development

    • Gameplay dialog system creation

    • Standalone dialog system creation

    • Story and dialog development

    • Pixel art creation for dialog

    • Sprite animations

    • Level designer
    So far, no one is getting paid for their efforts in this game. Everyone who contributes to this game will do so in order to have an impressive portfolio piece in their arsenal. Also note, the game has most of the leg work completed so anyone who joins now will see their efforts manifest quickly.

    If payment is an absolute must in order for you to justify your time into developing this game, let me know. I’ll consider sending you something for your efforts. Just know, my job is that of a church office IT staff and I do Doordash part time so I’m by no means rich.

    Finally, if your interested in joining, please reach out to, call (424) 201-9017, or DM me.