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Art Director for Games

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Offering' started by tsvetomir1873, Oct 5, 2022.

  1. tsvetomir1873


    Oct 5, 2022
    Company Bio
    GodLike Design Is a game design studio with an incredibly talented team, but at our, core we are a family that grows and changes along with you. A family that will help you develop not only professionally, but as a person as well!
    Our team has individually worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Names like King, DC, Ubisoft WB Games, Gameloft, to name just a few.
    We are all people wanting to create a fulfilling life for ourselves, teaching and helping each other on our journey.
    We believe work should feel like play if you love what you do. So we do our best to ensure that you work on projects that inspire you.
    Our team is mostly Bulgarian and you will make a great addition if you're looking for remote work.

    Role Summary
    You will be in charge of creating a vision and plan based on your experience and insights. You will also be cooperating with design leads and teams to guide them and ensure projects go according to plan. You will be responsible for removing any obstacles that appear along the way of game art development.

    Key Responsibilities
    - Manage and delegate responsibilities to other designers and provide directions.
    - Creating a compelling project vision and communicating it with clients.
    - Troubleshooting and eliminating obstacles.
    - Creating and executing project plans.
    - Collaborating and leading inside and outside game development teams.

    Skill sets/qualifications required of the most ideal candidate
    - You have Hands-on experience with 2D and 3D art for games.
    - Experience creating the feature roadmap, production plan, and direction.
    - Assess the potential and value of features to make prioritizations.
    - Experience leading game development teams with creative vision, feedback, and context in the form of market insight and ensuring that their output consistently matches the high-quality game experience we are aiming for.
    - Experience providing mentorship to game teams.
    - A deep understanding of the design challenges associated with all game platforms.
    - Combines creative excellence and solid commercial awareness.
    - You have a detailed knowledge of the games market and current consumer expectations.
    - Ability to prioritize in the short term to meet longer-term plans.
    - A humble and positive personality, who leads from the front but also takes people on the journey
    - Open to failing fast. Leans into issues quickly and actively shares their expertise and learnings with others - a role model
    - You are confident in analyzing design specs.
    - Committed and focused.
    - Experience with the general abstract workflow of game development.
    - Experience with the general game development pipeline.
    - Experience with game asset pipelines.
    - Able to communicate in English.
    - Having an overall optimal workflow.
    - Ability to work within deadlines.
    - Great communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to collaborate between teams, and work closely with Designers, Technical Artists, and Animators.
    - A portfolio that demonstrates strong conceptual ideas and visual creativity.
    - Passion for video games and art.
    - Are Self-motivated and solution-or

    Good to have
    - Are located in Bulgaria.
    - Experience troubleshooting software issues and experience learning on the fly.
    - Experience with working in a cooperative team environment.
    - 5+ years of professional game development experience.
    - Experience working as a product manager is a plus.

    What we offer
    - Ability to work remotely from anywhere.
    - Ability to work full-time or part-time.
    - Permanent employment.
    - Friendly family-like team environment.
    - Working among some of the most talented people in the industry.
    - Professional and personal growth opportunities.
    - Great competitive salary based on the value you bring with rapid salary increases.
    - Working on exciting and fun projects.
    - 0 Discrimination.
    - Strong appreciation of your performance and great influence over product development.
    - The ability and resources to acquire highly sought-after skills and experience.

    How to apply
    - Send all relevant portfolio samples along with your contact information to: or via WhatsApp or Viber at +359 88 816 2456