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GUI Art Asset Management is feels broken, so I built a tool to fix it.

Discussion in 'Tools In Progress' started by pierrehaou, Jan 30, 2023.

  1. pierrehaou


    May 29, 2020
    Hi, I’m Pierre. I built a tool for indies to store, version, sync, and organize art assets in the cloud.

    As an indie, it was hard for me to organize and version art assets before they were ready for the game engine.

    I was forced to use complicated folder hierarchies and naming conventions in an attempt to keep my assets organized. Every single time I updated an asset I would make a change to the file name mario_1.1 —> mario_1.2.

    All of this annoyed me, so I built a tool to solve this problem. Would anyone be willing to try it out and provide feedback?

    Here’s an early product demo.

    You can sign-up here and I’ll get you an invite link.

    Feel free to comment, dm me, or hit me up on discord, or twitter. I can send you an invite link that way instead if you prefer! :)
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