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ARCore Instant Preview didn't work after click RUN

Discussion in 'AR' started by Qieqie, Jun 1, 2018.


ARCore Instant Preview didn't work after click RUN

  1. ARCore

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  1. Qieqie


    Apr 16, 2018
    I connected Pixel 2 with my Mac, after I clicked RUN, nothing happened on Pixel 2. There should be ARCore Instant Preview show up on the phone...

    For Pixel 2, debugging is on, and Unity side, InstatPreview and ARCore is enabled.

    Here is the error message:

    Trying to install Instant Preview apk but reference to InstantPreview.apk is broken. Couldn't find an asset with .meta file guid=cf7b10762fe921e40a18151a6c92a8a6
    GoogleARCoreInternal.<InstallApkAndRunIfConnected>c__Iterator2:MoveNext() (at Assets/ThirdParties/GoogleARCore/SDK/InstantPreview/Scripts/InstantPreviewManager.cs:300)
    GoogleARCoreInternal.LifecycleManager:CreateSession(ARCoreSession) (at Assets/ThirdParties/GoogleARCore/SDK/Scripts/Managers/LifecycleManager.cs:131)
    GoogleARCore.ARCoreSession:Start() (at Assets/ThirdParties/GoogleARCore/SDK/Scripts/ARCoreSession.cs:42)​
  2. Chambers88


    Feb 25, 2018
    I'm having the same error message on Windows when trying to preview with Unity Remote.

    Still trying to figure out what's wrong...
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018