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Aramis Customization System

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by AramisGameStudio, Dec 8, 2023.

  1. AramisGameStudio


    Jul 22, 2021
    Aramis Customization System

    Assetstore Link

    This system allows you to customize your GameObjects in a modular way,

    using ScriptableObjects. With it, you can customize any object you want. It can be

    a car, a spaceship, a character, or a weapon. You can even customize a snail! Just

    kidding :)

    Please note that this is not an inventory system. There is a demo scene

    included to show you how you can use this system in an inventory-like interface.

    However, I am planning to make the necessary developments for it to function as an

    inventory system in the near future.

    The Aramis Customization System operates on a modular logic. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination. However, its primary purpose is to enable you to customize an object as you desire. Information about this topic is provided in tutorial videos and descriptions. If you wish, you can explore the documentation to gain a more detailed understanding of this system.


    • Scriptableobject based modular customization system. You can freely customize all the objects you want:
    * Synchronous customization system (two-handed weapons, etc.)
    * A separate customization system for wheels (Wheel colliders are automatically botulized when wheels are changed.) You can also affect all fields in the wheel collider.

    • You can access the public fields of any script in any gameobject and change them during the game (when you install a silencer on the weapon, the damage decreases, when the suspensions change, the suspension distance in the wheel collider changes, when you modify the engine, the engine power increases, etc.)
    • So the customizations you make will really affect the gameplay (see Tutorial videos)
    • Customizable camera system for each custom part.
    • Automatic UI builder. You can customize it as you wish (Tutorial videos are being prepared).
    • Extremely simple to use complete save system.
    • Currency management. You can create an infinite number of currencies and exchange them between each other (bronze, silver, gold, diamond, dollar, euro, etc.).
    • Shopping system. You can use the shopping system integrated with the Currency system in all your customizable objects (Demo scenes have these features)
    • Customize multiple objects in the same scene. You can customize as many objects as you want in the same scene. UI will be generated automatically.
    • Custom editor windows that will make your work extremely easy.

    And there are many more features that I can't think of. I will continue to improve them all over time.

    Please note that this system does not include custom shaders! Nevertheless, I have planned to introduce several features with future updates:

    • Custom shaders (for car customizations, for example).
    • Different scenarios for demo scenes.
    • Ability to integrate with popular assets on the Asset Store (e.g., Realistic Car Controller, Topdown Engine, etc.).
    • Making characters and vehicles customizable with just a single click (this feature is almost completed and will hopefully be available soon).
    • And many other features that come to mind...

    If you have received my assets and need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.