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AR with Vuforia with pc, smartphone and kinect

Discussion in 'VR' started by GabLog, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. GabLog


    Aug 10, 2017
    Hi guys, I'm working on a project for a college course. I've worked both with AR using Vuforia through my laptop camera and kinect v2 and made 2 separate simple games and I'm trying now to combine the 2 technologies into one single project but I got into a problem: I need to use a smartphone camera + screen. Why don't you just build for android you might ask? Because i need to stay in windows to use the kinect. Problem n1: the camera. I can use the laptop built-in camera or any usb plugged in camera, is it possible to use a smartphone connecting it to the same pc wi fi? Problem n2: the screen. Can I stream the game scene from the pc to the smartphone using the wi fi? It should be something like VRidge, but I can't find a "AR Version". I can use ARCore if needed. Thanks to whoever helps me.