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Question AR real-time visualization with Unity Remote

Discussion in 'AR' started by taiebchaabini, Sep 22, 2023.

  1. taiebchaabini


    Aug 18, 2018
  2. andyb-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 10, 2022
    Things have changed a bit since 2020.

    XR Simulation was released with AR Foundation 5.0 and includes a new workflow to spin up your AR scene in the Editor and quickly preview changes in a "simulated environment", which is just a special prefab:

    It's very easy to make your own simulation environments, and each new version of AR Foundation includes support for additional subsystems. However, XR Simulation does not use data from your physical device.

    We define the term "AR Remoting" to mean that you can press Play in the Editor and instantly use input from a real mobile phone without needing to build a new app to that device. Unity has discontinued development work on our own AR Remoting solution for now, although future circumstances may cause us to reconsider.

    The most popular AR Remoting solution available today is the AR Foundation Remote asset in the asset store by @KyryloKuzyk.
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