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AR Foundation is a mess, image tracking questions, please help.

Discussion in 'AR' started by anupamd, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. anupamd


    Feb 22, 2019
    I am evaluating ARFoundation and hoping to upgrade my app from the ArKit 2.0 for unity (now depricated).

    My first impression is what a mess. The example scenes are not work. Unity 2019 gave me a black screen, unity 2018 seems to work but not with image tracking (which my app needs)

    Can someone tell me

    A. What is the most stable reliable version of unity that I should be using with ARFoundation
    B. What version of ARFoundation should I be using ( I just pulled the latest on GitHub)
    C. When I load the example scenes -> Image Tracking example there is a missing script on ARSession. No script errors that I can see in the console.

    Apologies if my tone seems direct, but my first day of testing has not gone great. The various versions of unity and now ARFoundations is super confusing, im sure i am not alone?
  2. lloydhooson


    Apr 7, 2008
    Hi, this is starting to be a recurring theme of this forum, no body knows the versions required for what feature and theres no one at unity to inform us.

    I currently have working with image targets and arfoundation the following :

    unity version : 2019.1.6f1
    LWRP : don't do it. Never got it to work with so many different versions but want it bad.
    Ar-foundation version ( from package manager) : preview.

    I aint touching anything now until this project is nearly complete then I'll have a look again, but seems stable and working with image targets and full SLAM.

    Good luck.