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AR Foundation Image Tracking does'nt works Unf

Discussion in 'AR' started by TwighlightSparkle, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. TwighlightSparkle


    Mar 4, 2016
    LuminOS version: 0.98.10

    Since magic leap image tracking examples works with very low range and not stable (not greater than 1 meter tracking for 0.2x0.2m marker. And some random position changings). I want to try to use AR Foundation image tracking solution. But it seem not working at all.

    I had tryed to use AR Foundation image tracking in two ways:
    with the same packeges version:
    - Unity 2019.3
    - ARFoundation 2.1.8 (when i try use 4.0.2 here comes plethora of errors)
    - MagicLeap XR Plugin 4.1.3
    - XR Plugin Management 3.2.9

    1. I had tryed to configure it by myself:
    I configure project through all steps for magic leap unity project setup tutorial:
    - import magicLeap.package
    - set OpenGLCore
    - mlsdk 0.24.1
    - build target: Lumin
    I add:
    - AR Session
    - ARSession Origin
    - with component AR Tracked Image Manager with configured reference image library and TrackedImagePrefab.

    2. And I had tryed to use ARFoundation example for Unity 2019.3 (with configuring project for ML)

    And, through zero iteration mode, both projects was playing without any errors - i see, that camera position tracking the and controller working right way

    But i both cases there was literally no any image tracking events, literally no response from AR Image tracking Manager.

    I tryed to use different markers - show it on my laptops display and print paper ones - no response.

    And there one interesting error at the end of perfomance of project:

    row ARInputManager.cs:36 subsystem.Stop();
    value cannot be null.

    Does anybody use ar foundation image tracking successfully?
    Please, help with it.

    And: Are there any other image tracking solutions for magic leap?

    Thank you in advance!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2020