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Question AR features in Mobile WebGL

Discussion in 'AR' started by ronchito, Feb 20, 2023.

  1. ronchito


    Dec 4, 2013
    I'm making a mobile AR web app in Unity, that needs to run on iPads (and maybe Android tablets) browsers.
    In my understanding, with Unity WebGL (and WebXR), there's no access to the following AR / XR features:
    - ARKit / ARcore (as WebGL doesn't support ARFoundation at the moment)
    - Complex plane detection
    - Depth maps
    - Image tracking - [1] Maybe image/marked detection is supported in WebAR, but tracking?
    - AR meshes
    - Anything else?

    ZapWorks plugin in Unity enables the following in the web:
    - 3D Animation and Lighting
    - Face Paint Mesh
    - Face Tracked Physics
    - Image Tracking
    - Hand Tracking (?) Not sure if this works on the web.
    - Instant world tracking (?) Not sure if this works on the web.

    Blippar's 'WebAR SDK Unity **BETA**' is a plugin that allows developers to create AR experiences that can be accessed through a web browser. The features provided by the SDK include:
    1. Markerless tracking: The SDK uses computer vision algorithms to track the user's environment and anchor 3D content to real-world objects without the need for markers.

    2. 3D Object Recognition: The SDK allows developers to recognize 3D objects in real-time, and trigger AR experiences based on the recognized object.

    3. Face tracking: The SDK supports real-time face tracking to enable interactive AR experiences that respond to facial movements and expressions.
    Unity WebXR Export Which is is an updated extension of MozillaReality, should enable some more features, which probably don't work on iOS (and what about Android?) web browsers.

    Currently there is no web browser with access to ARKit. But, there's some work is in progress:

    Google Chrome browser gives access to ARcore on Android devices only:

    [2] Since WebXR isn't supported in Unity, what features are currently accessible using Unity WebGL regarding AR/XR?
    [3] Are there any other external plugins that extend the AR accessibility from the browsers (on mobile devices)? If so, what are they, and what do they allow the developers?

    Appriciate any comments / suggestions regarding AR in WebGL for mobile devices.
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  2. adriangarrido777


    Feb 7, 2020
    I have the same questions. Did you find any solution?
  3. makaka-org


    Dec 1, 2013
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  4. makaka-org


    Dec 1, 2013
    Just an addition to my post above: this is a tutorial about testing WebGL Apps for Mobiles without uploading to a Web Hosting Service every new build.

    > Complete Article with all Links and Commands <