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Question AR App deployment without Xcode

Discussion in 'AR' started by vladstorm, Dec 29, 2022.

  1. vladstorm


    Oct 4, 2021
    Hi everyone,

    I really like how you can build an app from Editor to device with Lens Studio, TikTok Effect House and Spark AR. You just press build and have the app running on your device.

    Is there anything like that for unity?
    Its really hard to iterate when every time you are trying to test something on device you have to wait 15 minutes going thru so many steps.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2022
  2. andyb-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Feb 10, 2022
    When developing an iOS app, you must use Xcode to deploy the app to device (either by deploying to the device directly, or uploading a build to a cloud deployment service such as Testflight). This is a requirement from Apple.

    With other AR platforms, you are not building a new iOS app. You are building content that is hosted in an existing app (ie TikTok), and thus Xcode is not required. Hope that helps! Which tool is right for you depends on your use case.
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