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Looking For Contributor Apple Cider Studios---[Rev Share]---HIRING MULTIPLE POSITIONS

Discussion in 'Non Commercial Collaboration' started by appleciderstudios1, Mar 28, 2023.

  1. appleciderstudios1


    Mar 28, 2023
    Apple Cider Studios is a game company founded in 2022 that is currently working on a project with some of the biggest hunting companies in the world. We are also developing a demo 3rd person open world game in UE5 that we are hoping to showcase at PAX East 2024 with a Kickstarter to go along with it. To make our dream of being the new big game studio a reality we are assembling a team of passionate, like-minded individuals with ambitions of producing the best work possible.

    **We are looking for only the most ambitious people who want to make a game that can rival that of Far Cry and The Last of US. The work for the demo game will be unpaid as we do not have the funds for that right now. If the kickstarted is a success and you decide to work on the full game you will be paid. If you need internship credits for school we can also provide them**

    Positions Open:
    (#) = number of positions open

    --- (2) Writer ---
    --- (2) Musical Composer ---
    --- (1) 3D Modeler (Organic) ---
    --- (1) 3D Modeler (Props) ---
    --- (1) Vfx Artist ---
    --- (1) Concept Artist ---
    --- (1) UI/UX Artist ---
    --- (1) 3D Animator ---

    --- (2) C++ coders with experience in UE5 blueprints ---
    --- (1) Audio Engineer ---

    Interested in any of these positions? Feel free to reach out to us at or add grAvity#8487 on discord!