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App monetization with SDK

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Infomans, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Infomans


    Aug 7, 2020
    Hello everyone!

    There are several methods of app monetization: You can display ads, divide the app’s functionality into “basic” and “pro” segments, and so on. However, a monetization model that is too aggressive -- displaying too many ads or setting an unreasonably high price -- may produce worse user experience. App development, therefore, is a constant struggle to balance monetization and user satisfaction.

    We at Infatica, a global peer-to-business proxy network, have come up with another solution: SDK monetization.

    How it works

    You can implement the Infatica SDK into your application -- this will allow users to join our network. For providing resources of their idle devices, users will be rewarded with an ad-free app, premium features, or something else you’d like to introduce as a benefit.


    Implementing the SDK is worth the effort -- here are some of the advantages both you and your users will get:

    • Extra income: The SDK allows you to earn extra income. Naturally, you can combine it with any other monetization method.

    • Omni-monetization: You’re monetizing your users even if they aren’t visiting your app.

    • User loyalty: Users prefer to become a peer in our network rather than watch ads or buy subscriptions.

    • Better user experience: You’ll keep your retention rate safe due to better user experience -- you can offer your app without ads or for free.

    • Transparent rules: We don’t have any hidden terms. All the rules are clear, and we are diligent about following them

    • Lightweight: The SDK has minimal impact on the size of your app and doesn’t create additional load.

    • Wide range of platforms: We support monetization in both desktop (Windows, macOS) and mobile (iOS, Android) applications, as well as Chrome extensions.

    • Respect for user rights and user experience: Although app monetization is important, we hold our users even higher. To protect their rights and ensure the best user experience, we follow strict security measures and policies.
    The financial aspect of app development is especially important, so here’s a breakdown of how much money you can make: We pay per ACU (Average Concurrent User) per month, with an additional factor of user location.

    Safeguards against abuse

    SDK monetization offers some powerful features, so you’re in the right to think: “Is it safe for my users?” Yes, it is safe -- our security measures include strict compliance and network monitoring, ensuring that peer resources are only used legitimately.

    Furthermore, we don’t collect or share with third parties any user data, with the exception of IP location data.

    Apply here