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Any suggestions for a backend Service that handles a MMO with 100 to 200 player per session?

Discussion in 'Connected Games' started by Jack-Mariani, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Jack-Mariani


    Jul 12, 2013
    I was planning to create a specific server for a semi persistent MMO (long session length) with a large number of players (50 to 100), but I think this might take too much time for production, especially considering that the mobile platform will require special care.

    So I would like to know if there's already some pre made solution, or helper.

    At the moment I found:
    Photon: I've experience with peer to peer photon and I'm very satisfied with it, but Photon authoritative solution feels a bit less supported.
    DarkRift 2: just found it. Seems very fast and probably viable for mobiles, can it be a good solution?
    SpatialOS: it seems a good option, especially considering it has a distributed server architecture. I think it is out there for 2 years, so I'm not sure about its own possible lifetime.
    uMMORPG: I'm very fine with assets that do a small things or handles something on the editor. But I'm a bit worried when using an asset for a large part of the game. This asset seems well polished and with a very live community. Still it also relies on uNet (or some continuation of it), and I fear it could be dropped sometime in the future.
    In the old post I see Smartfox is mentioned. Not sure if it is still top notch, but is this a valid option?

    BTW, this server by no means require to handle login, store player data or anything like that. Even matchmaking is not a priority. At the moment the only element we need to define is how to handle so many data exchange during the gameplay session.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  2. g_a_p


    Mar 16, 2015
    yes SmartFoxServer 2X supports MMO type games with specific tools, such as MMORooms, which are game rooms specifically designed for large scale, mmo-like applications. Players are updated only when events are triggered within their AoI (area of interest) so you can have tens of thousands clients in a Room interacting without massive performance hits.

    As an extra bonus SFS2X, handles login, storage, database integration, security, permissions, administration and a ton more.

    You can take a look at an intro on MMORooms here:

    And you can download a Unity Example pack here:
    It contains a basic example to get started with MMORooms and a more advanced game implementation (the Space War demo)

    Tutorials for each example in the Example Pack are found here:

    Hope it helps
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  3. vis2k


    Sep 4, 2015
    Hi, I made uMMORPG. It does not rely on UNET anymore. It uses Mirror, which is a UNET fork with about 500 bug fixes and improvements.
    It can also handle 200 players easily (we tested the worst case scenario, everyone on a small map, broadcasting to everyone else):

    You don't have to use uMMORPG of course. The underlying networking library Mirror is still there to be used for free.
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