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Any one in the orlando FL area??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by morgansaysthis, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. morgansaysthis


    Jan 12, 2007
    so my family is moving down there pretty soon, i was wondering what life down there is like if anyone knows, and what there is to do

    so far ive been told big bugs, and thats all ive gotten
  2. hsparra


    Jul 12, 2005
    I don't live there, but I have visited. There is lots of water. And of course there is all the Disney stuff (47 sq. miles of it). FL residents get discounts on all such things. Both coasts are close, so if you like the beach you can go to the Atlantic side or the Gulf side. I prefer the Gulf side, but I am not a surfer. The Keys are not to terribly far either.

    If you are into Nature things, there is a surprising amount to do in FL with that. Of course there are no mountains :( Mayaka State Park is pretty cool, especially if you like gators or that type of habitat. I would go in the winter since it is cooler. If you want, you can wade fish there :eek: Believe it or not, people do. There is always the mighty Everglades. And of course, anything dealing with water such as snorkling, diving, fishing, swimming in the many FL springs, swimming with the manatees, etc.

    Cape Canaveral is real close so you can do the NASA thing. If there is a night shot you should go see it, you won't forget it once you have. With NASA you have the tech and exploration focus if that is your thing.

    If you like history, there are lots of old forts, and, of course, the oldest city in the US is in FL.

    I don't know where you live now but you are close to the Smokey mountains also, but you have to leave FL to go to those.

    The reason I also mention the places outside of Orlando is because they are only a few hours away. Tampa and St. Pete is 1.5 hours, and that is on the other side of the state.
  3. Eric5h5


    Volunteer Moderator Moderator

    Jul 19, 2006
    I've also visited a number of times, though it's been quite a while now. In addition to the above: heat, lizards, sand (no proper lawns), bad drivers. ;)

  4. zumwalt


    Apr 18, 2007
    I live in Tampa, about 70 miles outside of orlando, basically its warm weather year around, not as hot as people say that it is, as far as bugs, you got the 'love bugs' very nasty looking insects that are abundant every freaking year and are a pain, harmless, but all they do is mate and die.

    You'll see what I mean when you get down here. You have tons to do in Orlando, larger city than tampa and a bit farther north, so you do get a little cooler weather in the winter, but nothing more than tshirt and jeans.

    Disney is there also, so gives you and your family something to do from time to time. Personally I have a rolling pass for Busch Gardens, have had it for my family for 6 years now.


    Aug 28, 2005
    Next to San Franciso, Orlando is my favorite town. I was born and raised in greater Orlando area.

    Home to the University of Central Florida and its graduate level Game Design School FEIA. It's also EA's head quarters.

    1) Disney is an hour from Orlando - Disney is NOT Orlando, but you got to do all the parks at least once, Including Universal and USIOA.

    2)Downtown Orlando has an amazing night life - Legendary Night Clubs - and dance scene. I've search the US, UK, and parts of Germany and haven't found anything that compares. Great vibe. Ask an old timer about The Edge, Visage, Barbarella's. All of them closed now (1990-1994). But I'm sure there's pleanty of new clubs.

    3) There is a music scene for every type of music. The town is small as far as a city is concerned so unlike NYC when there is something cool to do everyone is there and this helps build the scene. Goth, Punk, House/Techno, Country ect..

    4) It's hot Jun-Sept, that's why we're nocturnal and have gills. Winter is perfect, perfect weather. But you will get a "cold snap" where it's 30 @ 7 am but by 2 pm it's 70 - so "dress in layers" you'll shed them. The SUN is nothing to play with in FL its much stronger than in other areas of the US and can burn in less than 1/2 an hour for lighter tone skins. Oh, never leave animal/kid in a car even on not so hot days. You will melt your skin on the steering wheel.

    Everyday in the high summer it will rain. Rain like you've never seen it rain before, I'm talking end of the world rain and lightning (unplug everything, get off home phones) else you WILL lose it to lightning. Water will be knee high in the streets and then 1/2 hour later the sun comes out and everything is dry in 10-20 mins.

    5) every road in Orlando is a toll road (almost) so bring LOTS of quarters or get the E-Pass/Sun Pass. Orlando is where the fast pass toll system was invented. Traffic lights are so long you can read a short book (3-5 mins for a redlight).

    6) Orlando's bug are not that bad except for those damn "love-bugs" that are a plague for drivers. Yes there are lizards everywhere - they keep the bug population down so they are your freinds.

    7) LOTS of things native to Florida will sting, bite, or eat you. Learn what you can touch and what you can't and what to do if you've been stung, bit, or eaten. NEVER EVER feed or do anything with an alligator. They are boring animals - don't try to make them interesting. Note: they can climb a 6 foot fence and run at speeds upto 30 mph and love to eat dogs.

    8) There is so much to do in FL and the best stuff is free. Enjoy the natural parts (whats left). Go fishing Salt/Fresh, Surf/Skate, Mnt Bike some of the best single track, Snorkel/Scuba, Canoe/Tube the many crystal clear springs. Go camping in the Ocala National Forest (28 degree mornings in April can happen).

    Great, now I'm getting home sick ;) Enjoy.
  6. morgansaysthis


    Jan 12, 2007
    thanks for the lengthy reply VICTOM,im glad to see im going somewhere fun, and i love the alligator comment

    although im still going to try and make them interesting, but when i loose a finger or a hand ill send you a message to alert you an " i told you so" is in order