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ANNOUNCEMENT! Free AR Development Videos (ARCore, AR Foundation, HoloLens, etc.)

Discussion in 'AR' started by Dinesh_Punni, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Dinesh_Punni


    Oct 29, 2015
    Hello my fellow immersive developers community,

    I've been teaching immersive (VR, AR, MR) development for years now and decided to give out all my content
    (VR Cardboard, HoloLens, ARCore, AR Foundation, etc.) for completely free on YouTube.

    On my channel I will share everything I know and learn about immersive development.
    (I have access to almost every XR device out there). I've been working in the immersive space for
    3+ years now and very soon I'll work on a product using multiple HoloLens 2.

    So, if you want to become a VR, AR, MR developer I invite you to check out my Youtube channel Imersity.

    That's it already. I'll appreciate any feedback and hope you don't see this as 'spam', since creating the videos takes tons of time. Of course, if you have any questions post them below!

    Let's grow together <3

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