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Animator Transition between Quaternion Rotations

Discussion in 'Animation' started by CodePoKE, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. CodePoKE


    May 6, 2015

    I'm trying to create an animation where a single sphere is orbited by multiple smaller spheres that randomly orbit it during the "idle" animation, and move into specific positions for the "fire" animation along a shortest path regardless of their prior position. (The "idle" animation can be interrupted at any point.)

    The sphere's GO hierarchy is setup as follows:

    • Main Sphere
      • Small Sphere Pivot
        // Rotation is animated, so the offset smaller sphere orbits the larger one.
        • Small Sphere Mesh
          // Set at a static Y-offset.
    "Fire" animation: Single keyframe with the smaller spheres in specific positions, by rotating the Pivot.
    "Idle" animation: Multiple keyframes with the smaller spheres moving about, by rotating the Pivot.

    The both animations have all rotations setup with Quaternion based interpolation.
    However, when I create a transition to blend between the two clips, the blend path doesn't seem to be using a shortest path blend.

    More importantly, the spheres tend to jump around as they cross certain positions.
    This is done using Unity 5.5.6 (We're in the end-zone of a large project so we can't upgrade)