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Question Animator SetFloat doesn't work

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Pierre-Marie, Feb 16, 2023.

  1. Pierre-Marie


    Aug 3, 2015
    I i'm trying to set a float of the animator depending of a [SerializeField].

    I use the Animator.SetFloat() which doesn't seem to work properly.

    There is the code :

    Code (CSharp):
    1. Debug.Log("awake : " + anim.GetFloat("WeaponEquippedID").ToString() + " / " + WeaponTypeId.ToString()) ;
    2.         if (anim != null && anim.GetFloat("WeaponEquippedID") != WeaponTypeId)
    3.         {
    4.             Debug.Log("awake 1: " + anim.GetFloat("WeaponEquippedID").ToString() + " / " + WeaponTypeId.ToString());
    5.             anim.SetFloat("WeaponEquippedID", WeaponTypeId);
    6.         }
    7.         Debug.Log("awake 2: " + anim.GetFloat("WeaponEquippedID").ToString());
    The Console :

    The animator Parameter:

    There is no Script called "animator" in the solution.
    The script which try to SetFlaot is on the same GameObject that the animator.

    Any Idea of the problem?
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Olmi


    Nov 29, 2012
    Are you sure you are referencing the correct Animator instance? Also, I'm not sure what you mean with that 'no Script called "Animator" in the solution.' ?

    Have you tried with a simple test scene/setup, where you don't have any extra stuff. It might be that you have an issue somewhere in your Animator state machine or such that causes this issue.