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Question Animator always restart and return to default state

Discussion in 'Animation' started by daiyukun2013, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. daiyukun2013


    Mar 19, 2021
    Here is a very simple animator state machine I have(see the attached image), it just show and hide a slider submenu in the canvas:
    at start: showSubWindow=true: New State -> SubWindow_ShowAni
    showSubWindow=false: SubWindow_ShowAni -> SubWindow_HideAni
    showSubWindow=true: SubWindow_HideAni -> SubWindow_ShowAni

    after this it just loop between SubWindow_HideAni and SubWindow_ShowAni states

    My problem is, when sometime I want to show a model, after click the button to show the model and hide the submenu(showSubWindow=false), the animator is restarted and back to Default "New State", that means the submenu just stay there even I click the hide button(since the value is "false" it can't trigger animation), I can confirm the property value IS changed but it is the animator that crash and back to the initial state.

    It is really hard to reproduce it, since if I use other smaller model, it works totally fine, just in some cases(like big model), it reset the animator for no reason. I really hope if anyone has similar issue before, and thanks for any help to solve this problem.

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