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Animations not saved to VRM export

Discussion in 'Animation' started by GuWoSch, May 25, 2022.

  1. GuWoSch


    Oct 24, 2021
    I recently discovered that animations are not exported to my VRM files. I am animating game characters and usually the only thing I use animations for are eye blink.
    Everything works in Unity but when I export the character in VRM format, the animations are not playing. To troubleshoot I re-import the VRM file back into Unity and see that the Controller is set back to 'none..'.
    I am using uniVRM-0.98.0, but not sure if it is a problem with that version, although this started around the time I updated to it..
    If anyone has some tips on how to troubleshoot this, I would be grateful. I tried so many things and am at the end of my limited knowledge..

  2. theglowstonecraft


    Sep 22, 2019