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Discussion in 'DOTS Animation' started by sp3cim4n_, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. sp3cim4n_


    Feb 22, 2019
    The current state of 'Unity Animation' is beyond horrifying in terms of usability. No moment in foreseeable future marks the 'usable' status of it as true.
    The hybrid approach I am pondering upon (for my project) is that of using playable api and/or the animation c# jobs. The problem is, to somehow provide playableGraph, the Animator monoBehaviour component. I have not done anything experimentation on this form of problem, namely injecting objects onto entities. Neither I am able to find any sort of study material.
    Only I could wish that playable graph had an alternative requirement, of some kind of ECS component counterpart to monoBehaviour animator. Enough, of the fantasy, returning to reality.
    There are trillions of solution for animations in unity. Mechanim, Playables api,animation C#jobs, animation rigging, unity animation etc. none is fully functional in the context of ECS. Each have samples showing same things.